December 29, 2022 2 min read


Gambling Streamer Stands Defiant in Face of Twitch Ban

A former gambling streamer by the handle of Heelmike was temporarily banned this week and is coming back online on Friday

Twitch has long kept quiet about sponsored gambling streams. Then, advertisers started to look for the exit and the Amazon-owned platform passed a series of new rules that effectively limited the opportunity to stick affiliate links in streamer channel’s descriptions or prompt millions of people to “go have fun.”

Gambling Now Gone from Twitch – More or Less

Many streamers vowed that gambling was “bad” and people “probably shouldn’t do it,” while saying reckless things such as “I am an addict, but I have the money to keep gambling, so it’s okay.” Since the new rules came into effect, many gambling streamers had either left the platform (think Trainwrecks) or suddenly lost all passion for gambling (xQc).

Heelmike though did not fall in either category. He stuck around and pretty much stopped pushing his gambling content altogether. Nevertheless, a ban has been issued, with the platform banning the streamer indefinitely on December 27.

Upon discovering what happened, Heelmike told fans that it was “stressful” to find himself banned, and he professed his utmost hope that all will be resolved quickly and easily. A few hours after his first tweet detailing the issue, Heelmike returned with a second tweet and said that he had submitted his ban appeal.

He had his “fingers crossed” and hoped that his ban will be lifted, adding that he was afraid of the ban being permanent. This is not something that he has to worry about, though, as the streamer revealed late on Thursday that he had been unbanned.

Still, fans did use the few days that Heelmike was out to speculate about the nature of his ban. Some suggested that previous comments such as “scamming” little kids for “casino deals” could have put him on Twitch’s no-no list. Regardless, everything has been solved and Heelmike is likely to keep going – no gambling content for sure.


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