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Trainwrecks Blasts Twitch with Plans for His Own Streaming Platform

Twitch streamer Tyler Faraz Niknam, a.k.a ‘Trainwrecks’, has announced plans for launching his own streaming platform as he is not satisfied with Twitch.

Trainwrecks Blasts Twitch with New Platform Plans

The Washington Post reported that Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam, who has 2.1 million followers on Twitch, has directed criticism toward the Amazon-owned platform due to its recent change of policy, among other things.

Niknam is increasingly dissatisfied with Twitch as it takes 50% of a creator’s revenue and it charges creator followers for making donations to their favorite streamers.

As a result, Niknam has decided to create his own live-streaming platform, which will offer much fairer conditions to creators. 

Niknam has suggested that his new venture will offer content creators to keep 95% of their revenue, while the platform will charge only 5%. It will also let creators keep all of the donations they receive.

Niknam also elaborated that he has already found investors that are willing to put money into his project. He has said he is eyeing various platforms and is going to combine different features into making one “super-platform”.

Creators using Twitch have been dissatisfied with the platform for a while. Recent policy changes brought further displeasure. 

Twitch removed the option, which it used to offer creators with a bigger follower base, allowing them to keep 70% of profits instead of the standard 50%. 

Furthermore, it introduced controversial requirements for gambling, banning the streaming of games such as slot machines and dice games, while still allowing sports wagering, poker games, and fantasy sports.   

Niknam’s Announcement Was Met with Mixed Comments

Content creators and other stakeholders in the industry have both expressed interest in Niknam’s venture and a dose of skepticism.

Ben Cassell, a.k.a. ‘Cohh Carnage’, who has 1.5 million followers on Twitch, has commented that such a small platform fee will not bring any profits to the platform itself, which will make the business model unsustainable. However, he still expressed interest in the new platform and added that competition is always good.

Streaming competition is indeed fierce with the presence of Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming on the market. Still, Gil Hirsch, CEO, and co-founder of StreamElements notes that there is also huge demand and it is possible for the market to sustain more live-streaming platforms.

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren, who has over 3 million subscribers, and Austin-based Twitch streamer Asmongold have both expressed interest in the new platform with Asmongold saying that he would consider trying Niknam’s platform and leaving Twitch depending on the conditions offered at the time. 


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