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Former NBA Player Jontay Porter Faces Federal Felony Charges

Jontay Porter is facing legal troubles after court documents were filed on July 3, allegedly related to an ongoing case involving four other men who allegedly used inside information for gambling profits

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn are ready to charge Jontay Porter, a former player for the Toronto Raptors, with a federal felony in connection to a sports betting scandal that caused him to be banned from the NBA for life. 

Jontay Porter Faces Unknown Charges

Filed on July 3, the court documents do not indicate what exact accusation is being made against him, but they do suggest it is related to an ongoing case involving four other men who allegedly used inside information for gambling profits.

According to Porter’s lawyer Jeff Jensen, his client was plagued by an addiction to gambling and has been cooperating with authorities while receiving treatment, reported the Associated Press. The Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office under Breon Peace has declined comment.

An NBA investigation uncovered in April that Porter had shared private details about his health which he then used to leave games early. This allowed bettors to win their wagers after he performed worse than expected. It was also found that he had placed bets on league matches through someone else’s account and sometimes bet against his own team.

Those implicatedAmmar Awawdeh, Timothy McCormack, Mahmud Mollah and Long Phi Pham—were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Court records show they were aware of Porter’s intention to exit two games prematurely so their bets on his underperformance would pay off. Porter left the games shortly after they began, citing illness or injury, and his stats fell below-expected performance levels.

Jontay Porter Faces Additional Charges Amidst Ontario Police Investigation

Porter played 26 games this season for $410,000. He averaged 4.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.3 assists. Reports have suggested that his participation in the scheme was motivated by having gambling debts himself. Awawdeh allegedly forced him into it by threatening violence if he did not settle these accounts.

The scandal has received widespread attention because of its unprecedented nature. No player had ever before been given a lifetime ban by the NBA for gambling-related offenses. This is seen as one of many measures taken by the league in order to show its intolerance for such infractions.

Porter’s legal situation has been further complicated by an ongoing investigation from the Ontario Provincial Police, which may result in additional charges being filed against him. It highlights the challenges faced by professional athletes who are dealing with personal problems like addiction to gambling.

As Porter’s case continues through courts it can be expected that once a verdict is reached it will serve as a strong message discouraging other players from engaging in similar activities thus putting at risk the integrity of the game.


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