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NBA and Sportsbooks Consider Prop Bet Overhaul in Wake of Jontay Porter Ban

Allegedly, one potential change under consideration entails banning sports betting on players with dual contracts spanning the G League and the NBA

Player prop bets are likely up for potential changes, following the recent lifetime ban imposed on NBA center Jontay Porter for gambling violations. Sources familiar with the matter have provided information that the NBA and its affiliated sportsbooks have started talks in order to explore different possibilities for preventing such incidents from happening in the future.

NBA and Sportsbooks in Talks to Address Integrity Concerns

Reportedly, one of the changes which is being considered will prohibit sports betting on players with two-way contracts between the G League and the NBA, reported ESPN

Additionally, the NBA and the sportsbooks are also considering more drastic measures such as eradicating the option to bet “under” on player props. However, there are concerns that such severe restrictions may push bettors toward the unregulated sports betting market.

The NBA and its affiliate sportsbook partners, such as BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel, are actively engaged in discussions to find the best possible solution. The talks came as a result of Jontay Porter’s ban, which came as a huge shock both for the NBA and the gambling industry as a whole.

In an official statement to ESPN, an NBA spokesperson underscored that they aim to uphold the integrity of the game amid the constantly changing legalized sports betting market in the US. Ever since the introduction of legal sports betting to several US states in 2018, the NBA has been working closely with sportsbooks and integrity services agencies in order to always have effective monitoring and reporting systems in place.

NBA Star Jontay Porter Banned Permanently Over Betting Scandal

Commissioner Adam Silver’s decision to ban Porter from the NBA came after an investigation revealed that Porter had disclosed confidential information to individuals involved in sports betting and had placed bets on games in violation of league rules. 

According to revelations during the investigation, now-former Toronto Raptors center Porter adjusted his game performance to benefit sports betting in at least one of his matches.

Additionally, it was uncovered that Porter had also made at least 13 bets on NBA games with wagers totaling over $76,000. To do this he used a betting account of one of his associates. As part of the investigation, Porter’s account with sportsbook FanDuel, which was active from 2021 to 2023, has also been closely scrutinized.

The discussions between the NBA and sportsbook are still ongoing, however, the league has made it clear that it is determined to make utmost efforts to safeguard the integrity of professional basketball. 


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