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Dutch Gambling Policy under New Management

Teun Struycken takes charge of gambling reforms in the country as the new government takes office, heralding a new era for the Dutch gaming sector

As the Netherlands’ new coalition government steps into power, significant changes are underway in the realm of gaming policy. Teun Struycken, the newly appointed State Secretary for Legal Protection, will assume responsibility for the country’s gaming policy, a role previously held by Franc Weerwind. Struycken is known for his harsher stance on gambling, heralding new regulatory updates.

A New Era of Gambling Reforms

11 June saw a broad coalition in the Dutch parliament form a new cabinet, hoping to end the country’s ongoing political instability.  Teun Struycken, a lawyer and professor at the University of Utrecht, has been named the State Secretary for Legal Protection. This role will now include the management of the gaming sector, a responsibility that aligns with Struycken’s expertise and professional background.

The State Secretary for Legal Protection oversees the country’s gaming policy, placing Struycken in charge of this crucial industry. In his new position, he will primarily deal with establishing regulatory frameworks for the gaming industry, ensuring fair play, and protecting consumers as he follows in the footsteps of his predecessor, Franc Weerwind.

Such an administrative structure allows for a specialized focus on gaming regulations while maintaining oversight by the Minister of Justice. Different government bodies can thus collaborate more easily, holding operators accountable for regulatory violations. This support structure should also help Struycken implement new reforms, ensuring the Dutch regulator stays ahead of industry developments.

The New Government Envisions Draconian Reforms

One of Struycken’s immediate tasks will be to conclude the ongoing review of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act (KOA Act). The government hopes to update its gambling legislation to reflect current market realities, ensuring the country’s regulator has sufficient tools to oversee the sector and ensure customers receive adequate protection.

Current KOA updates envision mandatory monthly deposit limits of €350 ($378) for players over 25 and €150 ($162) for those under 25. This new legislation also allows customer care teams to set a €700 ($755) maximum deposit limit or €300 ($324) for those under 25 after they contact an individual at risk of gambling harm and deem such measures necessary to prevent problem gambling.

Struycken is part of the NSC party, which is well-known for its harsher stance on the industry. He is likely to support proposals for further reforms like a complete ban on gambling advertising and a gambling tax increase from 30.5% to 37.8%. Industry stakeholders have expressed apprehension at these proposals and are prepared to engage in discussions with the new government.

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