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Dutch Regulator Recovers Fines from Illegal Providers

The authority remains convinced that financial penalties remain one of its most valuable tools for holding gambling companies accountable and enforcing compliance

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Netherlands gambling regulator, has successfully recovered penalty payments from two illegal gambling providers. L.C.S. Limited and Blue High House S.A. previously faced financial sanctions for offering unauthorized games of chance to Dutch players. The regulator used this opportunity to reiterate its proactive stance and willingness to pursue offenders.

The Two Companies Violated Dutch Regulations

L.C.S. Limited is the first operator mentioned in the KSA’s newest report. The company was initially served an order under penalty in 2022 for operating the website sons-of-slots.com, which offered illegal gambling services to Dutch users. The KSA’s order required L.C.S. Limited to cease its unregulated operations immediately.

Despite this order, a re-inspection in October 2023 revealed that L.C.S. Limited was again offering illegal gambling services via the yugibet.com website. The KSA then imposed a significant fine of €2,074,000 ($2,228,430) in October 2023. The recurring unregulated activity resulted in an additional penalty payment of €165,000 ($177,300) despite the company taking measures to correct the violation.

Blue High House S.A., the other offending company, received an order under penalty in October 2023 for providing illegal gambling services through the betonline.ag website. Despite regulatory action, the web page continued to offer unregulated gaming opportunities to Dutch clients. The KSA is now recovering a penalty payment of €129,000 ($138,617) and may impose further fines if illegal activities persist.

The KSA Remains Vigilant against Similar Offenses

The KSA’s actions align with its proactive stance when dealing with violations. René Jansen, the regulator’s chair, recently expressed his views regarding the country’s challenging regulatory environment. He noted that financial sanctions had proven their effectiveness as a substantial hit to a company’s bottom line was often enough to ensure compliance.

Discussing the two most recent payment recoveries, Jansen clarified that an order under penalty was more than a warning to an illegal provider as the financial sanctions could significantly impact a company’s finances.  Such measures also have a preventive effect, discouraging operators from compromising compliance policies for short-term gains.

Illegal providers who do not take the right measures to keep Dutch players out will be hit hard by the KSA and feel it where it affects them most, in their wallets.

René Jansen, KSA chair

Black market operators remain a pressing concern in the Netherlands as they do not offer adequate consumer protections and divert customers from regulated offerings. The KSA’s ongoing vigilance and stringent penalties reinforce the integrity of the Dutch gambling market and represent a clear warning to other potential violators that non-compliance will result in severe consequences.

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