October 11, 2022 3 min read


FanDuel and Sports Injury Central Continue Strategic Partnership

Daily fantasy sports operator and online bookmaker FanDuel released an official statement regarding its renewed agreement with sports injury news and analysis provider Sports Injury Central. The platform will continue to power FanDuel players with detailed information on player health, allowing them to make more informed decisions when placing wagers.

FanDuel Will Benefit from Detailed Athlete Health Information

Sports Injury Central’s additional input has enjoyed a positive reception from FanDuel users, who gain access to another important metric that can influence the outcome of a particular game. The platform features an experienced team of NFL, NBA, CFB, and MLB physicians and is considered one of the most trusted sources of athlete health information.

Injury Central features its proprietary injury grading system called SIC Score, which assigns each player and team a numerical index based on their overall health. The system employs algorithms to achieve maximum reliability without interference from outside factors like coaching, schemes, or matchups. The SIC Score can range from 1-100 based on player health, with 100 signifying no significant health issues and 1 meaning that the athlete will have to skip the game because of injury.

Both Companies Stand to Benefit from Cooperating

Sports Injury Central President and co-founder Craig Dado expressed his excitement to continue the partnership with a leading sportsbook and daily fantasy sports provider. He emphasized that the two companies continued cooperation would be mutually beneficial.

FanDuel will provide Sports Injury Central broader exposure to bettors, fantasy players, and fans. And we are happy to give FanDuel customers a competitive advantage with access to our injury data and insights.

Craig Dado, Sports Injury Central President, and co-founder

In addition to SIC Scores, Injury Central will also contribute additional content like Field Views which color-code players and teams to highlight injury imbalances in real time. The platform also provides regular long-form articles on athlete health and features an extensive player database with detailed injury records.

High-Profile Partnerships Are Key for FanDuel

Partnerships with well-established platforms like Injury Central are a significant driving force behind FanDuel’s continued popularity. The operator has recently embarked on a series of high-profile deals to boost exposure. The most recent is the partnership with Gambling content company Gaming Society, which will feature an NFL-focused newsletter powered by FanDuel content creators. It will provide sports betting and gamification-focused commentary on recent sports events with an increased focus on female athletes.
Earlier this year, FanDuel also launched its solo project FanDuel TV, a linear cable sports TV network and OTT platform specifically dedicated to sports betting content. The added media experience will allow the Flutter-owned operator to further branch out into media and secure more partnerships like the one with Gaming Society.

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