October 11, 2022 3 min read


Oregon Lottery Partners with IGT to Offer Cashless Tech and Player Accounts

With the help of a leading provider of gaming technologies, International Game Technology PLC (IGT), the Oregon Lottery is eradicating paper tickets and is introducing video lottery terminals (VLTs) to Oregon residents.

New Partnership with IGT Will Allow the Oregon Lottery to Offer Cashless Solutions

The Oregon Lottery is partnering with IGT and will gain access to the company’s unique system INTELLIGEN™. This will allow the lottery to use IGT’s solutions, which will let Oregon residents create a personal lottery account and use cashless redemption of prices through it.

IGT will provide over 11,500 VLTs, which will be located across the whole state of Oregon and will allow Oregon residents to use the many features of IGTs cashless and account-based solutions.

The way that the system works is that all machines are connected through IGT’s INTELLIGEN platform. Through this centralized system, the Oregon Lottery will be able to create a website on which all residents can register with a personal account. Through these personal accounts, the players will be able to redeem any prizes they have won with their lottery tickets.

IGT Product Manager and Oregon Lottery Director Explain the Benefits Their Partnership Will Bring

Ryan Reddy, IGT SVP, Global Product Management, VLT Systems, Payments and Poker, has highlighted the benefits the INTELLIGEN platform will bring to Oregon lottery players: “The Oregon Lottery operates one of the most successful VLT programs in North America and the integration of IGT’s INTELLIGEN cashless solutions will enable many player benefits while offering flexibility to meet evolving market expectations and regulations.

Reddy also praised the Oregon Lottery for its progressive and innovative attitude toward its product offerings that are being kept current with the constantly evolving gaming landscape and growing demand for cashless solutions. This approach towards its products helps the lottery get maximum profits that are eventually allocated to the variety of causes the lottery supports through state programs.

Barry Pack, Oregon Lottery Director, has explained the benefits the partnership with IGT brings to the Oregon Lottery. Pack pointed to the fact that paper lottery tickets could be lost or stolen. The new IGT account-based system will allow players to save their winnings to their accounts and redeem them through them, which effectively eradicates the need for paper tickets.

Additionally, the Oregon Lottery will be able to get to know its players better and will be able to better customize its service to its customer base. Pack has noted that this has been a long-term objective for the lottery, which thanks to IGT can finally come to fruition. 


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