October 7, 2022 3 min read

FanDuel Partners with Gaming Society to Empower Women in Betting

Gambling content company Gaming Society officially announced its partnership with FanDuel. The fantasy sports operator will support Gaming Society’s NFL-focused newsletter with sports betting and gamification-focused commentary on recent sports events. The joint initiative also aims to attract more women to the world of sports betting by providing content focused on female athletes.

FanDuel Content Will Power a New NFL Newsletter

Gaming Society is a relatively new platform, so partnering with a high-profile sportsbook like FanDuel is a natural step toward broader exposure. The company focuses on gamification, gambling education, and providing users with up-to-date news and articles on all things related to sports wagering. Gaming Society also highly values its female audience, focusing on women athletes and related betting opportunities.

The FanDuel-sponsored NFL newsletter will be distributed each Thursday, focusing primarily on the wagering aspect of the sport with helpful tips and information allowing bettors to make informed decisions. Both companies recognize the growing importance of female fans, so the newsletter will be women-led, focusing on approachability and engagement.

Women Fans Receive Increased Focus

Gaming Society co-founder Jaymee Messler was very hopeful regarding the new partnership, stating that it would help both companies reach a new audience and responsibly introduce fans to the sports betting world.

We are thrilled to partner with FanDuel with a shared goal of making sports betting more inclusive and welcoming to all sports fans, and women fans in particular.

Jaymee Messler, co-founder of Gaming Society

Messler added that Gaming Society would strengthen its focus on expanding its content and boosting engagement. The CEO also reaffirmed the platform’s focus on responsibility and approachability.

The Two Companies Share Many Priorities

The new partnership will substantially benefit FanDuel with little cost to the operator. The new NFL podcast will become another media outlet for the sportsbook, raising brand awareness. Gaming Society’s women-focused content also helps advance FanDuel CEO Amy Howe’s desire to achieve a more prominent role for women in the industry and boost the appeal of sports betting to female fans. In 2021, FanDuel onboarded roughly 1.7 million new female clients, more than any other sportsbook. Initiatives like this recent partnership will only see this number grow as the operator taps into a previously ignored audience.

Amy Howe also had positive remarks regarding the cooperation with Gaming Society. She expressed excitement to be the first operator partnering with the platform and stressed the importance of female fans.

FanDuel knows that women are sports fans, and we want to tap into already established communities that are seeking out sports betting content in environments that speak directly to them.

Amy Howe, FanDuel CEO

The two companies’ mission to make sports betting more accessible, inclusive, and easier to understand certainly appears commendable. FanDuel and Gaming Society have stressed that they aim towards a responsible approach towards onboarding clients, focusing on awareness and education. As one of the first high-profile companies to prioritize women fans, they now have access to stellar exposure in a previously underutilized market niche.

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