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EveryMatrix to Bring Accessible Esports Solutions to Bookies

In a bid to bolster their offer at a time of sports drought due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more sportsbooks are turning to esports solutions. EveryMatrix has promised to empower sportsbooks by offering intuitive esports betting within two weeks.

OddsMatrix to Include an Esports Tab

EveryMatrix, a provider of white label solutions for the iGaming sector, has significantly improved its OddsMatrix service amid a flurry of activity with betting companies making an abrupt shift towards the esports segment.

While failing to capture as much attention at first, esports has been a viable alternative for many sportsbooks which are out of other markets to offer with nearly 100% of global sports events cancelled or suspended.

Thankfully, EveryMatrix has been actively seeking to improve the OddsMatrix service since 2019 and with a specific focus on esports. The company has been revving up its efforts as well, and has foreseen the developments in light of the novel coronavirus-induced dip in traditional sports.

This has prompted EveryMatrix to quickly come up with the Esports Hosted Solution integrated for the OddsMatrix service. To make things simple for existing clients, EveryMatrix said that it would add an extra tab that would feature all esports that are currently out there.

Esports Betting: Some Assembly Required

EveryMatrix is expecting that within two weeks clients will have access to a number of esports markets. In fact, there are some 8,000 events tracked by the company with 5,000 being available as live events as well.

The offer should be available for both traditional sportsbooks as well as mobile apps. Better yet, EveryMatrix offers 90% video streaming for the live events, which is not surprising with the ecosystem in which esports exist – there really isn’t any need to pay.

The product itself incentivizes fans to subscribe to various streaming services, such as Twitch, although such subscriptions aren’t necessary to begin with. Some of the most popular tournaments including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, FIFA and NBA 2K, are covered by OddsMatrix.

Increase in Esports Activity

The last two are in fact esports games inspired by mainstream sports and enjoying steadfast popularity, even growing given the COVID-19 pandemic. EveryMatrix group chief executive Ebbe Groes has confirmed that there has been a palpable uptick in the number of esports bets and activity.

“We’ve seen an enormous increase in turnover in the past weeks,” Groes said. “This is a clear indicator that esports are ready to step up into the mainstream and can also appeal to regular bettors, not only to computer games enthusiasts,” he added.

On this account, Groes is correct. Regular sports fans do bet on esports. Mainstream esports organizations, such as the NBA, F1 and NASCAR have also turned to esports. Soccer competitions, such as the Danish Super Liga and the English Premier League have already had developed esports structures before the pandemic hit.  

At the time of reporting, EveryMatrix works with 31 clients, including several esports ones. Most importantly, EveryMatrix has an outstanding partnership with Luckbox, one of the latest and most innovative full-on esports bookies.


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