ESA Gaming Maria Malfasi: “We’re Proud of the Innovation and Creativity We Bring to the Table”

ESA Gaming has had a busy year so far in 2021. Hot on the heels of a new partnership with iSoftBet, the company’s sizable footprint is growing. As one of the premier developers of iGaming products, ESA has sought market entries in multiple jurisdictions around the world, from Europe to Latin America and it has found allies in many industry leaders, including Emara and BetConstruct, to name a few.

Yet, ESA Gaming has more than just high-performing HTML5 games to offer. The company runs a dedicated game aggregator system and a poker network, firmly embedding ESA’s footprint in numerous segments and verticals and giving it maximum exposure to all aspects of gambling.

As one of the most successful independent providers we know, we were keen on learning more about ESA and how the company continues to improve the experience for all, businesses and consumers alike.

Q: ESA Gaming has so much going on right now. You are looking at least seven new deals in 2021 alone, ranging from market-access deals to aggregation platforms. Is ESA looking to keep its momentum and add to its portfolio of partners this year?

A: It has been a very positive start to the year for us and we’re proud of what we have accomplished so far. However, that isn’t to say we’re happy to rest on our laurels. We have a number of exciting commercial deals in the works, and of course, we’ve recently received our MGA license, opening new markets up to us.

We’ve got some big news on the horizon as well, which we’re very excited for, so 2021 should be another supremely positive year for ESA Gaming. There is also the expansion of our EasySwipe™ games offering in the near future, so we’re definitely attacking this year from multiple angles to get the best possible results.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about your EasySwipe™ games?

A: Our EasySwipe™ titles are, in essence, ‘swipe-in’ games that integrate smoothly into sportsbooks, allowing sports bettors to enjoy an immersive igaming experience without detracting from their sports betting. In creating these games, we’re occupying a unique niche in the market, providing users with a product which sits between online casino and sports betting. We’ve tried to keep products recognisable and attractive to sports bettors, hence the football themed Goal Mine, and upcoming games Basket Mine and Tennis Mine follow these themes. The EasySwipe™ portfolio continues to grow in popularity and we’re immensely proud of them.

Q: You are one of the few companies to provide proprietary games and offer an aggregator system. Could you tell us a little more why you decided to develop both and not focus, say, on only building HTML5 games?

A: While we have our own RGS, there remains a reliance on aggregation services for operators, as there are both pros and cons for both methods. Aggregation platforms allow providers to reach more operators, and therefore consumers and we’ve spent a significant amount of time building a top-tier aggregation offering. Equally, we’re proud of the innovation and creativity we bring to the table, and that is showcased in our games offering, especially EasySwipe™.

Having multiple revenue streams is equally never a bad thing, protecting ourselves against unexpected events while also allowing us to grow multiple facets of the business.

Q: There has been a lot of interest in the Latin American market in the past year or two. Is ESA Gaming interested in establishing a firmer foothold in the region?

A: The secret is very much out now about Latin America, with more markets embracing regulation and it swiftly has emerged as the continent to be active in. With it still emerging, there’s so much to look forward to in the region and we are eager to be involved in multiple jurisdictions. With a sports-mad population, our EasySwipe™ products are perfectly placed to act as a cross-sell for casino partners, while also giving players something new to enjoy. There is so much scope for growth in Latin America and we’re exploring avenues to further our own ambitions there.

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