Return of CES to Las Vegas Could Give Casinos a Much-needed Boost

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The CES used to stand for the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual – and highly-anticipated – technology event held in Las Vegas. It gave innovators and established companies a centralized venue to show off their latest gadgets and gear, and was the must-attend expo for anyone interested in cutting-edge consumer products. COVID-19 was too much for the CES to handle, though, and the event wasn’t able to be held live this year. The organizer of the annual gathering, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), has announced that the CES will be back next year and this could prove to be very welcome news to Vegas casinos, as well as others throughout the state.

CES 2022 Kicks Off Next January

The CTA prefers that the CES no longer stand for Consumer Electronics Show because it has grown much larger and covers more areas. Instead, just calling it CES will suffice and the next one will be held January 5-8 next year. An announcement by the CTA indicates that over 1,000 companies are already registered, with more “continuing to sign up.” Having been held each year– with the exception of 2021 – in Las Vegas for over 40 years, the expo and the city have a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship that can’t be ignored.

The reappearance of the CES as a live event (although a virtual option will be available for those not yet ready to venture out) is another indication that Las Vegas is on the rebound. Months of closures and extremely reduced capacities have hurt the city economically, as well as put unnecessary strain and pressure on the tens of thousands of employees that were forced to take an unscheduled, and lengthy, hiatus. With the CES now officially confirmed, its return could spark immediate confidence among gamblers and travelers, leading to a surge in visitation to Sin City that could start within the next couple of weeks.

Las Vegas Ready for Action

An announcement by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) late last month that casinos are going to be able to increase their capacities over the next couple of weeks was a welcome relief for casino operators and employees. It was a sign that the global coronavirus pandemic might now have been beaten, although no one is expecting an overnight rebound. However, each announcement that regular commercial activity is returning is an indication that things are on track. This will trigger more tourism and more casino visits, allowing Las Vegas – and Nevada – to get back on its feet.

It’s been over a year since any large convention or event was held in Vegas and some area resorts were even forced to completely shut down their hotels because of COVID-19. While gambling may have gotten Las Vegas started, trade shows and large conventions have become a huge part of the city’s economic engine and are now more valuable to the resorts than are the gaming facilities. There is a larger market for convention-goers and Vegas had become to shift its focus in the years prior to the pandemic. This shift will certainly find new support moving forward and, as it does, area casinos are going to transition, as well. In the meantime, though, they’ll take whatever they can get.

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