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EPL Clubs to Vote on Front-Of-Shirt Gambling Sponsorship Ban

The vote will decide the future of soccer front-of-shirt sponsorships at a time when the government in the UK is expected to release the White Paper following a review of the Gambling Act

Globally recognized soccer clubs, part of the Premier League in the United Kingdom, are going to vote on a voluntary ban on gambling sponsorships this week. On Thursday, eight clubs are coming together to weigh in and decide the fate of the front-of-shirt sponsorship deals for the future.

Clubs that will participate in the vote include Everton as well as West Ham, two soccer clubs that have multi-million deals per season. In fact, Everton’s sponsorship deal with Stake, as well as West Ham’s collaboration with Betway is estimated at some £10 million ($12.5 million) per season, data released by the Daily Mail reveals.

Other Premier League soccer clubs with multi-million-dollar annual sponsorship agreements include Southampton, Newcastle and Leeds Utd. Southampton’s sponsorship deal with Sportsbet is estimated at £8 million ($10 million) annually, while the collaborations of Leeds and Newcastle with their gambling sponsors have a price tag of £6.5 million ($8.1 million) annually.

Without any doubt, sponsorships with gambling companies help the growth of soccer clubs and this isn’t only applicable to the UK. Premier League clubs benefit from such agreements but that may soon change. The upcoming vote will ultimately decide the fate of front-of-shirt sponsorships.

Voluntary Front-Of-Shirt Sponsorship Ban Not Impossible

The voluntary ban, which is likely to receive support from the clubs, comes at a time when the government is planning significant changes to the gambling sector. Launched a few years ago, the review of the Gambling Act sought to make the law fit for the digital age. Yet, the White Paper following the review is yet to be released.

Rumors claimed that the ban on front-of-shirt sponsorships for soccer clubs may be a part of the overhaul of the gambling sector. This is a prime reason why Premier League clubs considered imposing a voluntary ban, giving them the option to avoid strict legislation and phase out active sponsorship deals.

If approved, the voluntary front-of-shirt sponsorship ban will likely start for the 2026-2027 season. This transition period would enable the soccer clubs to team up with new sponsors in case legislation completely bans sponsorships with gambling companies. One way soccer clubs can still benefit from gambling sponsorships is the option for sleeve promotion. Yet, given the upcoming changes to the sector, it remains to be confirmed whether or not such a compromise may be possible.


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