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Entain Launches Advanced Protection And Care Initiative

Entain has launched ARC – an initiative that builds upon the company’s system player protection measures.

Entain Launches New Player Protection Initiative

UK-based sports betting and gambling leader Entain has launched ARC (Advanced Protection and Care) – the initial iteration of a player protection initiative designed to identify risk players.

ARC uses advanced behavioural data and statistics to quickly identify players’ individual risk levels. This has two primary applications: safeguarding players at early or latent stages of gambling addiction, and providing a safer tailor-made player experience.

The initiative improves upon Entain’s previous protection system, which the company launched in 2018. Until now, Entain has been using three primary markers for observing and identifying suspicious player behaviour: frequency of play, length of online play and notable changes in spending habits.

The ARC initiative improves on the old system in a few key ways. Most notably, it will run additional checks on stake fluctuations and attempt to identify erratic behaviour during single sessions. In addition to this, the system will look out for players that seem to be chasing losses.

ARC To Boost Entain’s Sustainability And Growth

Entain Chief Executive Jette Nygaard-Andersen, who rose to the position last month, spoke highly of the new system. She placed special emphasis on the many benefits for the company’s sustainability and growth.

Nygaard-Andersen said that Entain puts its customers first by both prioritizing their safety through the use of new technology, and at the same time enhancing their enjoyment and experience.

In regard to the overall scope of the ARC initiative, Nygaard-Andersen said that the system will be implemented across Entain’s game portfolio. According to her, the company will implement the system into its traditional sports betting and gaming markets as well as in any future endeavors Entain might pursue.

ARC Currently In Initial Stage of Development

ARC is still in its initial stages. Currently, Entain’s data analysts are testing and optimizing the extended scope of behavioural indicators in real situations. While the theory behind the initiative is promising, it will take some adjustment before it can be applied to a less inert environment.

Entain believes that the system will revolutionize the way we think about responsible gambling.

The system was developed with substantial contributions from several notable researchers. This includes Dr Michael Aeur of the Gambling Research Centre at the German University of Hohenheim, as well as Dr Mark Griffiths, who is a Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction And Psychology.

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