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Entain’s Player Protection Extends to Video Gaming and Esports

Global gaming and betting group Entain announced in a news release today its initiatives for responsible gambling have been extended to include activities such as video gaming and esports.

New Partnerships

Aligned with its commitment to improve the quality of entertainment it provides while at the same time ensure high enough level of protection to its customers globally, Entain teamed up with 3 new organizations and expanded an existing partnership with a 4th.

“We are committed to supporting initiatives that encourage responsible gambling and gaming in every way we can.”

Martin Lycka, SVP, American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Entain

Lycka, who is also a trustee of the Entain Foundation US explained that the company would seek to leverage its capabilities and offer additional experiences for the vast majority of players who consider gaming fun and have no gambling-related problems.

The worldwide organization for professional Counter Strike (CS:GO) players, the Counter-Strike-Professional Player Association (CSPPA), the first teletherapy company Kindbridge and non-profit mental health care organization Rise Above the Disorder (RAD) partnered with Entain and the Entain Foundation to provide mental health support services and education for players at risk.

“These new partnerships are initial steps in this and other new directions as we both expand our offer to customers and the protections we put in place to protect the very small number who may be at risk.”

Martin Lycka, SVP, American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Entain

Expanding Collaboration Efforts

Epic Management, the international gambling harm prevention consultancy, will expand its existing collaboration with Entain both in the US and internationally, to address potential harm from video gaming and esports.

The announcement today is in line with Entain’s Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) program launched in November 2020, in which the gambling group is looking to improve player protection by utilizing technology capabilities in terms of behavioral data and real-time monitoring and analysis tools, to allow for an early intervention when gambling harm is detected.

The ARC initiative is part of Entain’s strategy for sustainability and growth and highlights the group’s commitment to ensure players across its markets are protected and can enjoy a safe gambling environment.

Providing education and support, besides research and data analysis, the Entain Foundation is further complementing the strategy, leveraging Entain’s technology to raise player protection standards across the industry.

To support the ongoing development of ARC, Entain appointed Dr. Mark Griffiths, a Distinguished Professor of Behavioral Addiction and Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, who has a history of working with the World Health Organization (WHO) on issues of online addictions.

Dr. Griffiths, whose work with WHO resulted in the first official recognition of gaming disorder in video gaming as a psychological problem, will advise Entain on triggers for problems with online gaming and addiction.

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