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Academic Report Says That Gambling Addiction Should be Considered a Health Issue

An academic report published in Lancet Public Health concludes that the perspective of gambling addiction should change and it should be treated as a health issue along with substance addiction.

Academic Report Urges Gambling Addiction to be Treated as a Health Issue

Dr. Lindsay Blank, from Sheffield University’s school of health and related research who published the report at Lancet Public Health calls out for public awareness and an effective approach from the health sector that can help tackle the issue with active measures. In her comment published in 2019, she suggested less exposure to gambling from advertisements for people who are at risk and professional help to those who are in need.

She also said that people understand substance addiction and know the measures that can be taken to deal with the issue but they should also change their perspective on gambling addiction to prevent harm from it or help families and individuals at risk.

Dr. Blank’s team, which has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research, has also found that adequate regulation, health treatment, and education can reduce harm from substance abuse but there are no equal measures for treating gambling addiction.

Earlier this year a shocking report by the House of Lords showed there are 300,000 gambling addicts in the UK among which 55,000 are children.

Gambling Commission data shows a 29% increase in gross earnings for companies and 45% of customers who claim that they have increased their betting due to having more free time in the current global situation.

Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary stated that new gambling laws will tackle the growing gambling addiction. For instance, players who have a history of big losses may be prevented from being offered inducements by bookmaker companies.

The upcoming Review of the Gambling Act could impose caps on online gambling stakes and could raise requirements for operators to make sure people gamble within their means.

The Betting and Gaming Council Welcomes The Review of  the Gambling Act

The Betting and Gaming Council agrees with much of what is stated in the report from the House of Lords and is anticipating the Review of the Gambling Act willing to work hand-in-hand with the government in the future and enhance regulation with an ‘evidence-led’ approach.

Also, according to the Betting and Gaming Council, there are no signs of increased gambling during the pandemic. The Council also stated that its members have increased their funding of education, research, and treatment for people at risk.


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