September 19, 2023 3 min read


Dutch Government to Introduce Stricter Rules for Addiction Prevention

This decision comes after acknowledging flaws in the current system and the need for improved player protection measures

The Netherlands has taken an active stance to strengthen addiction prevention measures within the country’s gambling industry. Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind recently announced plans to submit new regulations aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the existing system. This decision comes in response to concerns raised by the Dutch regulator, highlighting inconsistencies in existing monitoring and safeguarding measures.

Problem Gambling Remains a Pressing Concern

The Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), recently assessed the player protection measures of online licensees, finding that inconsistent monitoring practices placed players at significant risk. Minister Weerwind acknowledged the importance of addressing these issues, agreeing to tighten existing regulations and ensure the safety of gambling company customers.

Weerwind will submit the proposed regulatory changes for consultation early next year, focusing on protecting the most vulnerable players. The evaluation of the Remote Gambling Act, scheduled for 2024, will also assess the effectiveness of existing addiction prevention provisions, opening the possibility for further amendments. 

It is too early to judge the entire approach as successful or unsuccessful. I will closely monitor the effects of the various activities.

Franc Weerwind, Minister for Legal Protection

The Minister’s proposals gained traction as members of Senate factions D66 and the Party for the Animals (PvdD) questioned him in detail, evaluating the best course of action. The government agreed to collaborate with the KSA and organizations like addiction advice body Jellinek to deliver a comprehensive and transparent approach, creating a more level playing field for all stakeholders.

The Country’s Youth Remain a Priority

The Dutch government’s efforts to enhance addiction prevention measures will prioritize the protection of vulnerable groups, including young adults. July data revealed that 23% of the 45,787 individuals registered in Cruks, the Netherlands’ self-exclusion scheme, were under 25. New initiatives will address this concern, increasing Cruks’ awareness among target groups.

A program developed by the Trimbos Institute, a specialist in addiction issues, will complement these awareness campaigns, identifying and providing guidance for risky or problematic gambling behavior among young adults. This initiative will launch in schools starting in 2024, further emphasizing the government’s commitment to addressing addiction prevention at an early stage.

The recent KSA report served as a wake-up call for the Dutch government, prompting it to introduce stricter addiction prevention rules for gambling players. Acknowledging the flaws in the current system, institutions will collaborate with industry stakeholders and gambling harm prevention organizations to implement the necessary regulatory adjustments. The focus on vulnerable groups will be instrumental in improving the long-term health of the country’s gaming environment.

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