September 12, 2023 3 min read


Dutch Gambling Regulator to Update Responsible Gaming Policies

The decision to update its policies come after the KSA released the results of a new study, showing that operators need to do more to prevent problem gambling

Amid the growth of the popularity of online gambling activities such as casino gambling and sports wagering, concerns about problem gambling continue to rise. Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Netherlands Gambling Authority, released the details of a new probe into the prevention and monitoring of problem gambling, outlining that more needs to be done to prevent harm and addiction.

On Tuesday, the Dutch gambling regulator released details regarding new research that involved 10 licensed operators that offered iGaming services since the country opened its market on October 1, 2021. Ultimately, the probe sought to determine whether the operators adhere to the duty of care and do their best to protect at-risk or problem gamblers and identify users who are suspected to suffer from gambling addiction.

The KSA said, based on the research it conducted, that “too many of the providers examined are insufficiently able to intervene quickly or adequately in the event of excessive gaming or a possible gambling addiction.” It added that insufficient real-time monitoring and deficiencies related to monitoring methodology may be a part of the reasons why this happens.

According to the KSA, many iGaming providers used a one-sided approach that focuses primarily on deposits, bets or losses, rather than changes in gaming behavior that can include an increase in play hours. This one-sided approach ultimately resulted in operators “overlooking problem players,” explains the Authority.

Protecting the Users Remains a Priority for the KSA

René Jansen, KSA’s chairman, highlighted the importance of player safety for the regulator. He spoke of worrying reports about operators that exceed their duty of care, reaffirming that the KSA will intervene in such cases.

Jansen said that the results of the new study reveal that not all providers are doing well. “Players must be able to assume that they can play safely. We see that rules need to be tightened, precisely to further promote a safe environment for players,” he said in conclusion.

The KSA puts safe play first. We receive worrying signals and, as a supervisory authority, we investigate providers who may far exceed the limits of their duty of care. If we notice this, we will intervene.

René Jansen, chairman of the Gaming Authority

In light of the results of the investigation and the findings, the KSA confirmed that it will strengthen its own policies related to player protection and file recommendations for amendments to the existing regulations. Changes within the Authority’s Responsible Gaming policies will include requirements for real-time monitoring, as well as implementation of additional assessment indicators for problem gambling. The policies include mandatory blocking for accounts of individuals identified as problem gamblers until action is taken.


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