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KSA Chairman Discusses Upcoming Changes to Gambling Regulation

The chairman spoke about the upcoming changes to gambling advertising and addressed other hot topics for the gambling industry

Rene Jansen, the chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), addressed multiple topics and spoke regarding upcoming changes to the regulated gambling market in the country at the annual Gaming conference. On Thursday, the chairman discussed upcoming changes to the market, as well as other hot topics within the gambling vertical.

In his speech, Jansen highlighted the importance of CDBs, also known as data vault systems. Licensed Dutch gambling operators are obligated to have this “data vault in proper order,” explained KSA’s chairman and pointed out that CBDs help with regulations related to Anti-Money Laundering.

Jansen explained that the regulator will continue to monitor the use of CBD and reminded that this is a part of the requirements for newly licensed gambling operators. At the same time, he said that there are nine outstanding license applications, while some providers have decided to withdraw from the process after assessing they won’t be able to meet the CBD compliance.

We do not compromise there either: the data vault is an essential part of the requirements a licensed operator must fulfil. Moreover, it is crucial for a safe market, where players are protected as much as possible.

Rene Jansen, chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority

Operators Must Comply with Advertising Regulations

Another important topic addressed by Jansen involved the upcoming changes to the regulations about gambling advertising. He reminded gambling companies that the new rules come into effect as of July 1, 2023. Jansen said that once the new regulations start, operators that offer both land-based and online gambling activities can continue “untargeted advertising for their land-based offer.”

However, he noted that such advertising needs to be “sufficiently different from their advertising for online gambling.” Still, he confirmed that the KSA won’t be strict on enforcing this regulation immediately but rather “will be on talking to providers and affiliates to see how the ban works out in practice.”

We will continue to expand our Enforcement department over the next year so that we can tackle illegal operators with even more vigor,

added Jansen

According to Jansen, it is imperative for licensed gambling operators to help restore confidence in the sector. Citing a recently published monitoring report, he said that the online gambling market in the Netherlands is in a good state. Additionally, Jansen noted that the efforts of licensed gambling operators contribute to the health of the market.

Addressing illegal gambling, the KSA’s chair confirmed that the regulator will remain vigilant and ensure licensees adhere to the rules. Moreover, he explained that the Authority will continue to monitor the market and enforce action against illegal gambling operators.


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