June 6, 2023 3 min read


Netherlands Regulator Calls for Increased Powers to Combat Illegal Entities

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) requested updated legislation, streamlining existing procedures and giving it access to access to much-needed identity data

By strengthening its technical capabilities, the KSA aims to bolster its ability to guarantee a fair and transparent gambling market. Despite the regulator’s outstanding results, it highlighted several legal oversights preventing it from operating at maximum effectiveness. If implemented, the changes will cement the Netherlands’ position as one of Europe’s safest gambling environments.

The Proposed Improvements Will Have a Notable Impact

The KSA’s request primarily concerns its ability to generate false ID documents. The regulator must first go through the National Identity Agency, which significantly hampers the process and can be vital in the fast-paced online gambling space. Access to fake IDs would grant the KSA full access to the services of iGaming operators, enabling rapid action against illegal entities.

The Netherlands’ regulator further recommended a comprehensive review of the outdated legislation surrounding land-based slot machines, bringing it in line with the current iGaming laws. Full access to the Control Database data on licensed operators was another priority, as it would allow the KSA to improve its supervision efforts, enhance enforcement and enable better advice on new policies.

We raise these points… so that the KSA will come even closer to a safe and responsible gaming environment that properly protects and informs Dutch players and combats abuse.


The KSA addressed its concerns directly to Dutch Minister for Legal Protections Franc Weerwind, asking for immediate amendments to the country’s Remote Gambling Act. If successful, the operator will gain improved tools to identify and take appropriate action against the unlicensed operators still present within the Netherlands gaming market.

Today’s Fluid Industry Requires Frequent Regulatory Updates

Such requests exemplify the KSA’s commitment to constant improvement. The regulator strives to remain up-to-date in the constantly evolving world of online gambling, relying on industry experts and a fluid, technology-minded approach to stay ahead of potential violations. Offending operators often receive substantial fines, while illegal entities face swift and decisive action.

Despite its effectiveness, legal restrictions limit the regulator’s flexibility and responsiveness. If approved, the KSA’s suggestions will improve detection and enable improved measures against unfair or deceptive practices that may harm players. Improved access to vital data should improve the authority’s monitoring capabilities, ensuring strict operator adherence to player protection measures.

The proposed measures will empower the regulator, maintaining the Netherlands’ position as one of Europe’s safest gambling jurisdictions. Through collaboration with the government and international cooperation, the KSA seeks to contribute to global efforts in creating a safe and socially responsible gambling environment.

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