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White Label Casinos Executives Try Out Hot Sauces in Support of MSPCA

The challenge saw the pair try out 10 of the hottest sauces in the world while addressing some of the most controversial topics in iGaming

White Label Casinos, a leading provider of white-label casino solutions to the online casino sector, just participated in a rather unusual challenge. CEO Phil Pearson and business development manager Oliver Mitchell participated in the viral DUCK, That’s Hot! – Hot Wing Challenge to express the company’s support for the Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA).

The MSPCA has more than 120 years of history and is the largest and oldest shelter for cats and dogs in Malta. Now serving as a welfare organization, it provides education and advocates animal rights in addition to sheltering and re-homing animals.

The challenge saw the two leaders try out 10 of the hottest sauces in the world, some of them reaching multiple million Scoville units. The pair used the opportunity to also address some of the most controversial topics of the online casino industry.

Throughout the challenge, Pearson and Mitchell talked about a variety of topics, including their preferred industry fairs. Pearson revealed that he isn’t quite fond of SiGMA because “there is nowhere to go to the bathrooms.” The pair also commented on the UK’s expanding black market and noted that industry awards “don’t work.”

Pearson and Mitchell Wanted to Support a Great Cause

The two executives’ main goal, however, wasn’t to simply share their hot takes while trying out the hottest sauces in the world but to raise the profile for the MSPCA and show that the iGaming industry is not indifferent to such initiatives. Pearson’s goal is to raise EUR100,000 for the organization by the end of December. So far, White Label Casinos has raised EUR25,000 for the initiative.

Creating this challenge and filming it isn’t about social media clout, it’s about doing something fun and encouraging others to do the same, for a great cause.

Phil Pearson, CEO, White Label Casinos

Mitchell joked that he also participated in the challenge because he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to “put the infamous LinkedIn Phil Pearson through his paces with uncomfortable questions and 10 incredibly spicy sauces.”

Mitchell used the opportunity to remind casino companies that White Label Casinos will participate in SBC Barcelona next week. He invited industry professionals who desire to “develop a one-of-a-kind casino” to get in touch with him and book some time.


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