March 14, 2024 3 min read


DraftKings Launches My Stat Sheet Tool for Responsible Gaming

DraftKings has announced the launch of My Stat Sheet, a fresh tool dedicated to promoting responsible gaming

Earlier in the week, DraftKings’ chief executive officer, Jason Robins, spoke about the still untapped potential of iGaming, hinting that the online casino sector is more prone to innovation than sports betting. 

Now, the digital sports entertainment and gaming company has announced the launch of My Stat Sheet, a brand-new feature that would offer access to customized gaming and insights

The New Feature Will Help Customers Assess Their Play 

The new gaming tool will enable players to evaluate, keep track of, and interact with personal statistics with the help of intuitive information and charts. 

These will further lead to better decisions based on data, representing a good promoter for responsible gaming. 

The feature is currently accessible across all Golden Nugget and DraftKings products. Customers can use it via all DraftKings platforms

As explained by the company’s chief compliance officer, Jennifer Aguiar, the fresh feature “will help customers evaluate their play and make informed choices.”

Aguiar added that, as sports betting technology keeps evolving, DraftKings will stay committed to constantly boosting its “robust responsible gaming program.” 

Customers will be allowed to view the time spent on a platform as well as all deposits and cashout they made, check their involvement in contents, see the wagers they placed, and verify their monthly yearly, or lifetime net wins and losses

My Stat Sheet, “An Important Milestone”

The company’s president of global product and technology, Paul Liberman, took the opportunity to comment on their ongoing interest to innovate and “find new ways to apply technology that enhances our responsible gaming initiatives” while calling Stat Sheet “an important milestone” for them.

DraftKings is fully committed to offering the highest quality customer experience while promoting healthy and responsible gaming behaviors across all existing products. 

The company firmly recommends gamers only play for pleasure and entertainment while remaining aware of their likelihood of losing, and at the same time understanding the associated risks. 

DraftKings also defines responsible gambling for players as the situation in which they are able to control their betting and also play “in balance with other activities in their lives” while not  “causing problems or harm for themselves or others.”

DraftKings also offers recommendations for responsible gaming for the broader community, which includes regulators, operators, agencies representative governments, and other industry participants. 

Since the start of the year, DraftKings’ shares have experienced an important growth of 14.35%, building on the rise recorded in 2023 when the stock almost tripled in value.

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