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AI Technology Is a “Friend” to DraftKings, CEO Says

AI solutions can revolutionize the sector and bolster the business of larger-scale operators, Robins says

DraftKings’ chief executive officer, Jason Robins, commented on the untapped potential of iGaming, suggesting that the online casino sector has more room for innovation than sports betting. Speaking at the Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, Robins provided an insight into his company’s iGaming ambitions.

Robins noted that his team is currently investing in proprietary live dealer games and is interested in developing such products in the long run. He explained that his team is interested in boosting the share of income coming from in-house games, since this is both good for differentiation and means that DraftKings would need to pay less to third-party companies.

In addition, proprietary content bolsters the bottom-line margins as well and gives the company more room to reinvest in such products, Robins pointed out.

DraftKings Wants to Pioneer AI Solutions

Analyzing how DraftKings can improve its iGaming portfolio, Robins suggested that the company could make use of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. For example, he suggested using AI live dealers to enhance the live casino experience.

When asked about whether AI would be a friend or foe to his company, Robins instantly replied that the new technology would be a friend. He explained that his team has been focused on machine learning for a while and believes that AI-powered solutions have great potential to benefit larger-scale operators.

Robins further explained that AI can be a great driver of personalization, as the industry continues to recognize the importance of tailored content. In addition, technology could potentially allow AI to serve as an assistant that picks bets players like, instead of forcing players to manually search for markets through a traditional search bar.

Robins concluded that AI is poised to increase customer retention and loyalty while providing players with unforgettable experiences. He said that AI is still largely untapped, which is why he is so excited about the opportunity to pioneer innovative AI-powered solutions.

DraftKings’ CEO noted that DraftKings’ scale would allow it to be among the first to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the emerging AI technology.


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