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Dojo Madness Rebrands, Re-focuses on B2B Esports Data

Amid the latest big moves in the esports betting industry, Dojo Madness has rebranded as Bayes Holding to focus on business clients.

Dojo Madness Rebrands to Focus on B2B Esports Data

The string of investments in esports betting and big data continues, with the first month of 2020 bringing a number of high-profile deals. Most recently, Dojo Madness, an esports data specialist, has announced that it would refocus its efforts exclusively on the B2B segment amid a rebrand which will see the company change its name to Bayes Holding.

Dojo started as an analytical platform targeting the B2C segment and offering players insight into their own play as an opportunity to better their performance. However, moving forward, Dojo, or now Bayes, will try to capture the business end of the esports betting and data segment.

Specifically, the company will collaborate with Shadow, its esports data-crunching company, which will still offer teams, coaches, and players insight, as well as Bayes Esports Solutions – another entity developed in collaboration with Sportradar where the focus lies specifically on betting operators, broadcasters, and media outlets.

Remaining Leaders in Esports Data Crunching

In the over $1billion-worth esports economy, data is precious and Dojo understands that. Speaking on the occasion of the rebranding, Dojo Madness CEO and co-founder Jens Hilgers elaborated on the recent move and the decision behind it. Hilgers pointed out that Dojo has already been able to build leading esports solutions insofar as analysis and data were concerned.

And now, moving forward, the divisions will change their original focus so as to boost their synergies. Furthermore, Bayes Esports Solutions director Martin Dachselt explained the change in company focus as responding to a need in the market to provide accessible data collection tools.

Addressing the issue, Bayes has worked on a unique solution called BEDEX, which serves as an independent marketplace where in-game data can be purchased. The company is now looking to leverage its data and attract new business clients, including media, and help outlets provide better coverage overall.

BEDEX is an important achievement for the team, as the solution is already scooping data from a number of high-profile events, to name the Electronic Sports League (ESL), DreamHack, and Riot Games’ flagship competitions, specifically World and European Championships.

Dachselt and the team are hopeful that by scaling the investment in BEDEX and fine-tuning the focus a little, the company is on its way to solving some of the most pressing problems esports is facing.

Investment in esports has been prolific in these past few months. A London-based platform by the name of Midnite has managed to raise $2.5 million in a most recent funding round, but this is not quite everything.

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