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Sportradar, DOJO Madness Joint-Venture Bayes Esports Launches

Sportradar has teamed up with DOJO Madness to launch a dedicated esports joint-venture – Bayes Esports Solutions.

  • Esports will be worth a billion US dollars in 2019
  • Betting on the outcome of esports is becoming more popular
  • Companies seek a better way to outsmart customers
  • Dojo Madness & Sportradar create Bayes Esports Solutions to help B2B customers

DOJO Madness Will Develop Esports Data-Driven Solutions

Business customers can finally get an edge against esports fans. Esports betting has proven a lucrative segment for some – mostly gamers who have been following games for years, developing a keen, visceral understanding for what transpires on the screen.

Since 2015, multiple companies have been entering the segment for esports betting solutions, including Betway, Pinnacle, Unikrn, and Rivalry.

Bayes Esports Solutions will give us equity in a rapidly growing market and the dedicated resource and expertise to design and develop market leading products and services for the esports market.

Many others today have esports markets to offer to customers as well. Only a few turn a profit, though Pinnacle and Betway are supposedly among the few bookmakers to actually finish a financial year in the black. Unikrn, a fully-committed esports platform, has been one of the first licensed companies in the United States to legally offer this type of bets.

Esports live audience watching a game of Dota 2.

Esports live audience watching a game of Dota 2.

Sportradar is now keen on exploring new opportunities by providing data-driven information to their B2B customers through a newly set-up venture, Bayes Esports Solutions. The company is not going it alone, having brought DOJO Madness on board to help build reliable products.

Sportradar has already partnered with noteworthy esports organizations, specifically ESL.

Game predictions & data aggregator – Bayes Esports Solutions Adds Value

Bayes Esports Solutions will focus on supplying companies with reliable esports predictions as well as give broadcasters access to various information in real-time, allowing them to go into detail and better breakdown the gameplay for viewers.

While some games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Rocket League and others hardly need an explanation, this could be a potentially useful tool for some of the tougher nuts to crack – including Valve’s recent flop of a game – Artifact.

Bayes Esports Solutions will be managed by Martin Dachselt who has expressed great hopes for the partnership between DOJO and Sportradar:

The successful cooperation we had with Sportradar is now giving birth to a full joint venture between both companies merging the best experiences of both parties in a fully independent business entity: deep esports domain experience from DOJO paired with Sportradar’s global experience and relationships in the sports betting industry including integrity services and quality assurance.

Sportradar Managing Director Warren Murphy welcomed the opportunity, highlighting his own company’s expertise in esports.

According to Mr. Murphy, the collaboration with DOJO will allow Bayes Esports Solutions to develop a product in a rapidly expanding market. In fact, the video gaming market is larger than Hollywood, although this doesn’t necessarily apply to esports, or to the particular segment that Bayes Esports Solutions target for the time being.

Still, by diversifying early on and offering value added services to the esports community, Bayes Esports Solutions are on the right path to becoming an important element of the multi-faceted ecosystem of competitive video gaming.


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