June 15, 2021 2 min read


BETER Team Up with Bayes Esports for Improved Betting Experience

Bayes Esports and BETER are teaming up to empower operators and bring more accurate esports betting data and information. 

BETER Esports Taps Bayes Data for Added-Value 

Supplier of sports and esports content for gambling operators BETER has formed a new alliance with esports data company Bayes Esports. BETER will be able to benefit from Bayes’ vast expertise in creating and posting accurate statistical representations of potential game outcomes.

BETER considers this partnership to be an important step forward for its own involvement with esports and boosting the company’s ability to feed operators accurate and actionable content and odds. Thanks to Bayes Esports, BETER will be able to provide spot-on odds with increased uptime. 

This comes at a time when BETER is pivoting towards new markets and seeks to establish a footprint with more customers, as well as maximize the efficiency of its offer. “For more than three years, we have been making BETERable content, as well as helping our clients to harness new market opportunities and provide thrilling content for bettors,” said company CEO Alex Barkar.

As to Bayes, the company is equally pleased and convinced that teaming with BETER was the right call. VP for esports betting services Mark Balch said that the combined expertise of the two companies, mixing AI and machine learning as well as trading team expertise, will lead to a better overall betting experience for everyone. 

There have been numerous initiatives in the esports betting space of late, with Clarion Gaming and Esports Charts teaming up for a much useful and dedicated calendar that provides wagering insights. 

For its part, BETER has been improving the available esports betting experiences by adding new formats and interesting fixtures to pick from, and especially for popular games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Esports betting proved a much-needed palliative during the arid months of 2020 when sports were not available, and their momentum keeps mounting. As placing a wager on the outcome of video games has become more popular, so has the risk of fraud and corruption in the midst of gaming. 


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