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Bayes Esports to Support Sportsflare’s Esports Betting Odds

Tiidal Gaming Group subsidiary Sportsflare has become the latest company to sign a licensing agreement with Bayes Esports, an established esports odds, and data company. Sportsflare will tap into vital real-time live data for a number of highly-competitive titles, including League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2.

Sportsflare to Advance Its Esports Betting Solutions

Bayes Esports is collaborating with Riot Games to ensure that it brings some of the deepest insights and provides operators and consumers with a better overall experience and an ability to read into the game on a deeper level. The data will be leveraged by Sportsflare to create different esports odds solutions, including the Betbuilder tool, and then leverage these tools with partner operators.

Presently, Bayes Esports is the most powerful data tool out there, in the words of its managing director and chief operating officer Amir Mirzaee. Mirzaee welcomed the alliance with Sportsflare and Tiidal and said:

We are very happy to welcome the aspiring team at Sportsflare to the trusted circle of select Bayes Esports data partners. We’ve observed them grow for a while and are looking forward to having this dynamic team push both innovation and integrity for esports betting service globally.

Bayes Esports chief operating officer Amir Mirzaee

Mirzaee said that Sportsflare and its products and services really help create new and fun ways to engage with the esports audience which consists of younger fans. He argued that esports fans are hungrier for more dynamic solutions which the company is very happy to help Sportsflare develop through Bayes’ unique data solutions.

Bayes Esports Is Unbeaten in Its Data Accuracy

Tiidal Gaming CTO Max Polaczuk welcomed the opportunity as well, saying that this licensing agreement with Bayes was a step forward for the company. He praised the technical platform used by Bayes Esports to collect its data which comes straight from the source as opposed to many competitors who take conjectural data and then sell it to partners.

Bayes Esports has a deep relationship with Riot Games which enable it to remain competitive and collect the data it needs to do so. “We look forward to working with Bayes Esports and integrating their esports data with our odds offerings,” Polaczuk concluded.


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