June 23, 2023 3 min read


British Columbia Strengthens Self-Exclusion Measures

A collaboration with leading self-exclusion service Game Break will introduce improved ID checks, guaranteeing the safety of restricted individuals

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), the entity managing the province’s commercial gambling sector, reinforced its commitment to safe gambling by strengthening existing self-exclusion programs. The new update will require all British Columbia casinos to ask patrons for government-issued photo IDs before entry, guaranteeing they are not present on Game Break’s self-exclusion list.

Patrons Must Present Their IDs at Casino Entrances

The BCLC’s latest initiative aims to prevent self-excluded individuals from gaining access to gambling venues, reinforcing the Corporation’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure gambling environment. The improved player safety measures will act as an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of self-excluded individuals succumbing to the temptation to gamble.

Game Break’s comprehensive self-exclusion program stands at the core of the new measures. After 26 June, all individuals willing to enter a British Columbia casino must first present a government-issued photo ID, ensuring they are not present on Game Break’s list. BCLC president and CEO Pat Davis were excited regarding the new measures, hoping they would build awareness and support individuals requiring help.

BC is the first jurisdiction in North America to require ID at the casino door, an example of BCLC’s continued work towards our ambition of having the healthiest players in the world.

Pat Davis, BCLC president, and CEO

The new ID checks will be administered by casino security, who will scan documents before entry and compare them with the Game Break database. Confidentiality remains a priority, as the system does not save personal information on patrons. Recent updates to the program further improved its functionality, aiding its efforts to destigmatize self-exclusion in the gambling world.

The Measure Is a Definitive Step Forward

The collaboration between Game Break and the BCLC highlights their joint commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in responsible gambling practices. Despite self-exclusion’s importance to a healthy gaming ecosystem, recent high-profile failings in Australia and the Netherlands highlight the need for continuous improvement. 

The BCLC approach has distinct advantages but still relies on compliance by casinos. Recent face recognition developments show promising results, leveraging AI to complement existing self-exclusion systems. Such innovations are crucial for protecting at-risk individuals from gambling harm, ensuring regulatory safeguards keep pace with the rapidly evolving gaming landscape.

British Columbia has long maintained its ambitions to have the world’s healthiest player base, investing substantial efforts in safe gaming initiatives. Through their partnership, the BCLC and Game Break set a commendable example for the broader industry, prioritizing responsible gambling and supporting individuals striving towards healthier behaviors.

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