January 31, 2023 3 min read


BCLC Upgrades Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program Game Break

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has announced a series of upgrades to its voluntary self-exclusion program

The fresh changes adopted by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) are meant to cut stigma and barriers and make the “Game Break” program more approachable to a larger number of individuals. 

What’s New: The “Game Plan” Course 

While the program will hold on to the same terms of enrolment for the six-month, 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month terms, it will introduce a series of new elements. The list includes an active reinstatement process for players who decide to go back to gambling. The process is meant to provide former players with enhanced support to ease their return. This means that former gamers who completed a term and decided to play again would have to take an additional online course. 

The “Game Plan” course will help individuals decide if going back to their old gaming habits is the right thing to do by giving them the chance to self-reflect and establish clear goals prior to making their official return. Plus, participants will be allowed to keep extending their “Game Break” term.

According to BCLC’s director of player health, Ryan McCarthy, the corporation that inked a deal with Everi Holdings for its anti-money laundering solutions wishes to help players “gamble within their time and money limits.” At the same time, BCLC wants players to feel more empowered to catch a break whenever they feel they need one. 

McCarthy further explained that taking a break is usually considered a positive choice, which is why they decided to create the “Game Break” program to cut more barriers and lead to the destigmatization of self-exclusion in the gambling world. 

Helping Players Make More Informed Decisions 

The inclusion of the new reinstatement process should help participants get a better understanding of their gambling behaviors provided they feel they would like to go back to playing.

McCarthy spoke about the changes brought to the original self-exclusion program, calling them additional tools for assisting individuals with making more informed decisions while offering “support and resources to help them practice positive play behaviors.”

The upgraded branding of the “Game Break” program that is now more supportive and inviting mirrors BCLC’s continuous determination to reach higher standards of care for players. 

At the start of the year, BCLC announced it would receive an additional boost for its PlayNow.com brand via OpenBet, a worldwide leader in betting solutions. As part of the deal, BCLC would also introduce PlayNow.com to third-party providers to allow players to enjoy more fulfilling casino gaming and sports betting experiences.

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