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ClientScan AI Facial Recognition Protects Self-Excluded Gamblers

The new solution leverages AI to identify self-excluded gamblers that enter gambling locations in an effort to protect them

The company that specializes in the next generation of AI face recognition systems, ClientScan, announced the launch of its latest product. ClientScan has announced the release of a new custom-built AI facial recognition solution that seeks to protect self-excluded gamblers from accessing gambling venues.

The provider of AI technology revealed that the development of the solution has taken years. To release the new AI facial recognition tool, the company has collaborated with top industry experts, including advisors and professionals from the Visual Geometry Group at Oxford University.

We are proud to share that ClientScan has launched a custom built AI facial recognition solution to protect self-excluded gamblers when entering a betting site,

explains ClientScan

This enabled ClientScan to develop a solution that is reliable, stands out with world-class accuracy, speed and security. The new solution, the company said, can be installed on a standard PC running Windows. What’s more, it has secured approval from the software giant Microsoft.

Ultimately, the solution enables operators to benefit from preventing self-excluded individuals from accessing their gaming floors. This is because ClientScan’s solution can access multiple cameras and help identify self-excluded gamblers with an accuracy of more than 99%. Once the solution identifies a person is self-excluded, it notifies employees of the casino.

Ensuring the Protection of Self-Excluded Gamblers

The new tool complements ClientScan’s commitment to developing solutions that help protect people self-excluded from gambling. With it, the company hopes to impact positively the process. But the solution doesn’t only protect the consumers, it also helps gambling operators.

This is because gambling operators that allow self-excluded individuals may be subject to fines or other sanctions. In other words, AI facial recognition solutions help protect both self-excluded gamblers and the gambling businesses. According to ClientScan, its new solution is available via the Microsoft App Store and can be easily downloaded.


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