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Brazil Benefits from Sportradar’s Integrity Solutions against Match-Fixing

Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System has been helping authorities in Brazil to ensure the fairness of contests free of match-fixing and take action against those who have been breaking the rules.

Sportradar Continues to Lead the Way in Sports Integrity

Sports integrity company Sportradar’s success in preventing fraud in highly-challenging markets has shone once again with the company’s Fraud Detection System (FDS) hitting all benchmarks in Brazil, the company has reported. The FDS is used to identify suspicious activity linked to match-fixing in Brazil – and other markets – and it has been instrumental in clamping down on corruption in sports.

Thanks to Sportradar’s FDS, earlier this year the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) was able to issue penalties against three soccer clubs, to name Barretos EC, Olimpia FC, and Paulista FC for participating in or facilitating match-fixing.

Commenting on the success of the company’s solution, Sportradar Integrity Services Business Development Manager Juan Mendez said that the firm remained committed to delivering high-tier solutions in ensuring the fairness of sports.

FDS is designed in such a way, Mendez said, to allow the company to get actionable information and inform the PFF of potential fraud taking place in real-time.

FDS reports have been positive to the point where this flagging system is considered reliable enough to justify and prompt investigation in the cases where match-fixing and fraud is suspected.

Sportradar continues to expand across numerous jurisdictions to bring actionable data solutions and fraud prevention products in high-risk and mature sports markets. The company has had an executive-level rearrangement for three regional CEOs as well as adding five new individuals across key markets, such as North America, UK and EMEA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Match-Fixing in Brazil Needs to Be Addressed in Full

Commenting on the fight against match-fixing FPF Interim Magistrate Margarete Barreto has spoken highly of the Sportradar Integrity Services, which is one of the key pivots in enforcing a regulated and match-fixing-free sports ecosystem in Brazil.

Brazil has also sought to provide athletes and coaches with adequate training and seminars to reduce the incidence of match-fixing overall. Should the FPF discover any proof of match-fixing, the cases are swiftly submitted to the Court of Sports Justice, Barreto explained.

The practice of rigging games must be avoided at all costs, she said, leading to better fair play and security for all stakeholders in sporting competitions.

Meanwhile, Sportradar has been delivering its integrity services across a range of regions and partners, including a team-up with the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia and the Indian Super League.

Commenting on the successful leveraging of Sportaradar’s integrity solutions, Sports Court of Football criminal lawyer Mariana Chamelette argued that the latest crackdown on match-fixing and issued penalties demonstrate sports bodies’ zero-tolerance policy towards ruinous practices that put the integrity of sports at stake.

To achieve an ecosystem free of such practices, though, stakeholders such as managers, coaches, referees, and athletes all must come together and understand the seriousness of the issue so they can counterweigh it.

Meanwhile, match-fixing is expected to become an even more serious problem across the world, cautions Sportradar, one that needs to be addressed firmly.


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