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Betway MD Resigns after 20 Years with the Company

Tim Whyles, managing director at online gambling giant Betway Group, announced that he would be stepping down from his position with the company. Whyles is leaving on good terms and received warm goodbyes from his colleagues as he prepares to launch his own esports-focused media startup.

Whyles Spent His Entire Career with Betway

Whyles’ career was spent exclusively with Betway properties. After he graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from The University of Manchester, he soon started work for Betway’s Win Technologies. The company focuses on information and technology services and proclaims itself a global leader in online marketing support and customer relationship management.

For the first 18 years with the company, Whyles worked as marketing director, managing Win Technologies’ strategy, analysis, campaign execution, and staff management. Over his long tenure with the company, he honed his skills and management experience and showed dedication to the company that is nowadays rarely seen. In January 2021, Whyles got promoted to Betway Group managing director of marketing services, where he spent his last 20 months with the company.

The Former MD Shared His Fond Memories

In his official LinkedIn announcement, Whyles reminisced about the start of his professional journey and lauded Betway’s significant progress.

For me, it’s been exactly 20 years, and the scale of Betway Group… (has) surpassed even my wildest dreams.

Tim Whyles

The former MD lauded the passion and ambition of his colleagues. He remarked that the Betway team’s drive to exceed expectations had never faded and wished them luck in their future endeavors.

I’m incredibly proud of what we all achieved together over the years and look forward to seeing this success continue long into the future.

Tim Whyles

Whyles also shared his plans for the future. The industry veteran has no plans of retiring and is already looking forward to launching his project. He shared that his current goals were to create an esports-focused media startup, noting he would soon share additional details. With such substantial experience behind his back, the new project will be in capable hands.

Betway Loses a Key Member at a Busy Time

Betway Group loses an experienced senior member at a crucial time for the company. The upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup will undoubtedly put the company’s sports betting division into overdrive. The operator also recently concluded its clash with Sweden’s gaming regulator and failed to appeal the $450,000 fine it received for offering illegal bonuses.

Overall, Betway appears to be in a stable position and continues to invest significantly in worldwide expansion. The operator recently had a successful launch in Bulgaria and is now active in twelve European countries. Across the Atlantic, Betway can offer its products across six US states. A recent partnership with Simplebet expanded the operator’s portfolio, paving the way for future expansion.

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