November 30, 2021 3 min read

Betegy to Boost Tipico Retail Offer in Germany and Austria

Betegy’s cutting-edge product has allowed it to continue scaling up its footprint in Europe and beyond. The latest partnership is a big milestone for the company as it has minted a new alliance with Tipico for the German and Austrian markets.

Betegy Brings Tailored Content to Tipico’s Retail Shops

As a result, Betegy will power up Tipico’s German-speaking operations by bringing sports data and content to the sportsbook’s retail operations. Betegy will deliver dedicated and unique content that will be accessible directly through the operator’s retail properties located in both Germany and Austria.

The content will be distributed to self-service betting terminals, display screens, and more. Betegy will allow Tipico to control all displays and assets through a dedicated platform developed by the company. Through this single-point solution, Tipico will have full control over all visual content and be able to generate new ones at its own pace.

That would allow for unique engagement opportunities that will be tailored to the needs of customers and supplemented by Tipico’s own expertise of consumer preference. Previously, the pair worked on social media content generation back in 2019, which is Betegy’s stomping ground.

The new products will be accessible across 1,200 retail shops in both countries, reinforced by the companies’ limitless powers to create unique and tailored solutions. Betegy CEO Alex Kornilov recognized Tipico for its significance to the German market.

Building up Footprint in German-speaking Markets

This tie-up will allow Betegy to reinforce its own presence in both German-speaking markets.

“It is a hugely exciting project as we look to bring tangible value to bettors in every corner of the country, as well as further strengthening our ties with our long-standing partner – we can’t wait to start showing just how much is possible!”

CEO Alex Kornilov 

Tipico head of acquisition marketing Kajetan Strini-Brown expressed confidence that the partnership would allow the company to introduce various tweaks to the overall experience in the country.

“Having this throughout every retail betting point in Germany and Austria is an amazing improvement in our retail customer experience, and we’re excited to see the results.”

Tipico head of acquisition marketing Kajetan Strini-Brown 

Betegy has had the opportunity to sign many successful relationships over the past months. The company formed an alliance with PokerGO to boost the overall quality of the coverage, and the company teamed up with FTN Network for fantasy sports. Other partners include ESTV, Parimatch,, and more.


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