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Australian MPs Call for Parliamentary Inquiry into Gambling Advertising

Scamps fears that the advertising may create a generation of problem gamblers

Australian MPs are concerned about the rising number of young people seeking professional help for their gambling problems. As reported by The Guardian, this number has increased by 16% in the last year, demonstrating the dangers of exposure to gambling content from a young age.

Guardian Australia interviewed young people in the country and found out that many of those who gamble are now struggling with depression, debt and relationship issues. In addition to that, studies show that problem gambling can lead to crime and sometimes suicide.

As a result of this report, Dr Sophie Scamps called for an urgent parliamentary inquiry into the impact of gambling advertising on minors and young people. The measure was supported by the Greens and other independent MPs.

Scamps argued that intervention is needed before unrestrained advertising creates a generation of gambling addicts. She slammed the normalization of gambling advertising, saying that gambling harm is becoming more and more common among school-age children.

Scamps added that even non-gambling people who just want to enjoy sports are constantly bombarded by ads. She concluded that the issue “is only going to get worse unless the government intervenes.”

Supporters of the Inquiry Expressed Their Thoughts

Emma McBride, Australia’s assistant minister for mental health, responded to Scamps’ appeal for an urgent inquiry, saying that the government will consider the proposal. She noted that the government remains firmly committed to protecting vulnerable consumers from harm.

As reported by The Guardian, experts remain unconvinced that the current measures are sufficient. Public health specialists believe that better education campaigns and a ban on gambling sponsorships in sports are a must if Australia is to solve its problem gambling problem.

However, any proposed measures are met by fierce resistance from the gambling industry, MP Kate Chaney pointed out, saying that gambling companies are lobbying against harsher restrictions. She said that the “personal responsibility narrative doesn’t work when it’s not a fair fight,” alluding to the fact that operators employ professional marketing agencies and tactics to exploit customer behavior.

Zoe Daniel and Janet Rice, other proponents of Scamps’ measure, warned that many young people are obsessed with gambling online, causing distress to their families and communities. Rice slammed the gambling industry’s lobbying efforts and called for the creation of a National Independent Gambling Regulator – one of the hot topics in the Australian gaming industry.

Andrew Wilkie also commented on the matter, saying that the gambling industry’s political industry is concerning. Monique Ryan, on the other hand, said that all addictions are harmful and that the government should take the matter more seriously.


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