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ACR Poker Unveils Venom Fever Promo with Guaranteed Seats for Venom PKO

The new Venom Fever promotion offers guaranteed seats for the upcoming $5 Million Venom PKO

ACR Poker, the leading online poker operator that was formerly known as Americas Cardroom, released details regarding a thrilling Venom Fever promotion. On Wednesday, the poker operator disclosed details regarding the Venom Fever series of satellites that grant players a chance to secure a seat for the upcoming $5 Million Venom PKO. The event is renowned as the biggest progressive knockout tournament in the world and is scheduled to begin on October 19, 2023.

Overall, the Venom Fever promo guarantees 633 seats for the upcoming $5 Million Venom PKO. The standard price for each of the seats is $2,650 but thanks to the series of satellites, players can secure a seat for a fraction of that cost. According to ACR Poker, the Venom Fever series of satellites start on Sunday, October 8, 2023, and run through Sunday, October 29, 2023.

A total of 358 seats are guaranteed via Venom Fever direct satellites that start at some $33. Moreover, seven Mega Satellites guarantee an additional 235 seats. Players who qualify for the Megas can do so free or at a really low cost by “following the daily path,” ACR Poker explains. As for the remaining 40 seats, they are guaranteed via the Beast Satellite which is scheduled between October 15 and October 22, 2023.

Satellites Provide an Extremely Cost-Effective Method to Securing Venom Seats

ACR Pro Chris Moneymaker commented on the topic in a recent statement. He explained that ACR brought back the popular Venom Fever satellites because they offer a cheap way for players to secure a seat for the popular Venom tournament. According to him, the Venom Fever promo offers a unique chance for players to earn a seat “without breaking a sweat.” In addition to the Venom Fever, Moneymaker revealed that Step Tournaments and Venom Blitz Satellites also grant a chance for the players to earn a seat for the $5 Million Venom PKO.

We keep bringing back Venom Fever satellites because it’s an extremely cost-effective way for players to earn their Venom seat.

Chris Moneymaker, ACR Poker Pro

Earlier this year, ACR Poker prohibited the use of remote viewing software and virtual machines. Announced this summer, the change strengthened the rules for online play as a part of a security update that seeks to fight attempts for unfair advantage.


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