August 3, 2023 3 min read


ACR Poker Prohibits Remote Viewing Software and Virtual Machines

The change comes as a part of a new security upgrade that seeks to restrict tools which may give some players an unfair advantage

The leading online poker operator formerly known as Americas Cardroom, ACR Poker, announced the implementation of new strict rules that ban the use of virtual machines and at the same time restrict the use of real-time screen share tools. On Thursday, the operator confirmed that the new rules are part of a new security upgrade that seeks to combat the unfair advantage a small number of players had with the use of such tools.

It was back in July when ACR Poker issued a warning against players that were identified as having used virtual machines and/or remote viewing software. At the time, the leading online poker operator warned that the use of such software and devices will be prohibited starting from August 3, 2023.

Now, ACR Poker confirmed that the change is already implemented, and its Terms & Conditions are updated with the text including the restriction for the usage of real-time screen share tools and virtual machines. Not unexpectedly, players that are found to violate those policies will be subject to penalties, explains the online poker operator. First-time breaches of the rules will be subject to a single warning while additional breaches may result in account suspensions, permanent bans or even confiscation of funds.

But what does the prohibition mean exactly? The new security upgrade restricts players from using remote view programs such as Team Viewer as well as “any physical or virtual environments or devices that assist in the circumvention of ACR Poker’s new security measures.” On the other hand, the prohibition of the use of virtual machines means that the poker operator’s software can only be accessed and run directly “from a native hard drive.”

Cheaters Get More Sophisticated

Chris Moneymaker, ACR Poker Pro, explained that it is frustrating to play a “high-tech game of Whack a Mole” but outlined that it is imperative to stay ahead of players that try to use tools to gain an unfair advantage. He added: “I’ve been playing online poker for more than 20 years now, and just as the cheaters get more sophisticated, so have the poker rooms. ACR invests heavily in technology and people to deliver as fair a game as any of the major sites.”

The latest security upgrade is a part of ACR Poker’s broader efforts to ensure fair and fun entertainment for its players. The operator works tirelessly to identify potential cheaters and bad actors, while at the same time, improving its policies and reducing vulnerabilities.

In fact, ACR Poker leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help flag suspicious activities and bad actors. As a leading online poker operator, it currently employs full-time integrity and security specialists that safeguard the integrity of play and analyze suspicious reports filed by players. Ultimately, all of those efforts seek to ensure that ACR Poker is a secure and safe online poker platform that offers supreme gambling entertainment.


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