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Lithuania Imposes Increased Gambling Licensing Fees

The Baltic State introduced new licensing fees for gambling businesses and services, marking a significant development in the country’s regulations

Effective as of 27 July 2023, Lithuania’s new resolution takes significant steps to regulate and streamline the gambling industry in the country by adjusting specific state fees and payments applied to gambling-related business and economic activities. These new changes aid the government’s goal to create a sustainable framework that provides a level playing field for all gambling operators and enhances the industry’s overall integrity.

Fees Are Going Up across the Board

According to the resolution, gambling businesses and services in Lithuania will be subject to specific state licensing fees, varying depending on the type and scope of their operations. Introducing these adjustments will have implications for both existing and prospective operators in the country, continuing the government’s efforts to reform a sector and create a balance between local and foreign businesses.

Lithuania’s newest updates should significantly affect most gambling-related businesses. Opening a physical casino, slot machine salon, or bingo hall will cost operators €1,504 while extending this permit will set them back €186. Opening a totalizator betting shop now entails a €717 permit fee and is subject to the same extension policy as other gambling-related businesses.

Operating license fees for lotteries saw a substantial increase, rising from €1,395 to €1,620. The sum is constant regardless of the establishment’s scale, which may disproportionately affect smaller businesses. Launching an iGaming brand in Lithuania now follows a unique fee structure, setting back businesses €784. Any amendments to opening permits now cost an extra €369.

The Changes Aim to Foster Competitiveness and Sustainability

These updates continue the nation’s steady refinement of its gambling regulations. The new licensing fees should combine with last year’s remote gambling license updates to secure a balance between local and foreign operators, fostering a competitive and sustainable market that will create lasting value and protect consumers from harm.

Lithuania’s government recognizes the importance of responsible gambling, planning to use these licensing fees to fund initiatives that promote safe gambling practices and support programs for those affected by gambling-related issues. These efforts and the local regulator’s constant vigilance will further reinforce the Baltic Nation’s commitment to maintaining a safe and transparent gambling environment.

As the new resolution comes into effect, the government will closely monitor the impact of the new state licensing fees to ensure their effectiveness in achieving the desired objectives of a balanced and responsible market. With a well-regulated and transparent gambling industry, Lithuania aims to provide a secure and enjoyable gaming experience while maintaining lasting integrity.

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