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ASA Asks Marketers to Remain Compliant Ahead of UEFA EURO 2024

If in doubt, gambling companies and other marketers can contact the ASA’s Copy Advice team

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has asked marketers to remain compliant ahead of the UEFA EURO 2024 soccer championship. According to the authority, operators should not “hedge their bets with their ads.”

As the highly anticipated tournament approaches, the ASA released a few tips to marketers, asking them to not make misleading endorsements just to stay ahead of the curve. According to the ASA, some marketers might be tempted to claim association with the National Teams and UEFA to make their products shine. However, falsely implying official endorsement is a violation of the Advertising Codes, the authority warned.

According to the ASA, marketers who cannot walk the walk should not talk the talk. It asked companies that may have any doubts about the use of intellectual property to seek legal advice.

Additionally, the ASA asked marketers to not be tone-deaf and to “carefully reflect on ads that may portray racial, cultural or national stereotypes.” While the overall tone might be “just banter,” some companies may knowingly or unknowingly cross the line, the authority warned.

Marketers should not condone or encourage violence or anti-social behavior, such as vandalism and objectification either, Britain’s ads regulator said.

ASA Asks Operators and Alcohol Companies to Be Extra Careful

The ASA provided gambling ads with special attention, saying that marketers should be extra careful not to violate the local rules. The authority reminded operators that people under the age of 25 should not appear in gambling ads, even if they are professional athletes.

The ASA noted that there is an exception for websites where bets can be placed directly but added that companies should still be careful not to “hit the wall.”

In addition to being prohibited from featuring under-25s, marketers should not include athletes and celebrities that might have a strong appeal to minors, the regulator said.

Similar rules apply to the advertising of alcohol, the ASA added, noting that they cannot be directed to under-18s and should not feature under-25s. Additionally, liquor ads should not imply that consumption can enhance confidence or mental or physical capabilities.

If in doubt, gambling companies and other marketers can contact the ASA’s Copy Advice team, which can help them with their ads ahead of the European Championship.


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