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ASA Agrees BetMGM’s Ad Featuring Chris Rock Doesn’t Appeal to Minors

Clearcast noted that Chris Rock had an insignificant following from British under-18s (1,075) across his social media accounts

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has decided that BetMGM’s TV ad featuring Chris Rock, an American actor and filmmaker, did not violate the country’s rules. The ad aired in October 2023 and, according to complaints appealed to minors.

The original ad features Chris Rock accompanied by a lion and traveling on a boat from the Bellagio fountain to the Thames River where he launches some MGM-themed fireworks. The ad leverages the star’s passionate personality to promote BetMGM’s products while encouraging gamblers to play responsibly.

As per the ad’s script, Rock says that BetMGM “knows how to put on a show” and tells players to prepare for the “golden era in sports betting.”

As mentioned, some customers thought that the ad might appeal to younger audiences and filed complaints to the ASA. However, MGM’s local subsidiary, LeoVegas, stood behind its choice of Chris Rock as a representative of the BetMGM brand, saying that he shouldn’t have a strong appeal among UK minors.

LeoVegas also pointed out that as a 58-year-old, Rock shouldn’t have a particular appeal among children and teens. The operator explained that Rock primarily participates in roles and comedy shows intended for older audiences. While the actor did star in several animated movies for children, these appearances, LeoVegas insisted, are either dater or not relevant enough.

Finally, the company highlighted the contents of the ad, which were clearly designed to appeal to adults.

ASA Concluded That the Ad Does Not Appeal to Minors

Clearcast, a non-governmental organization that pre-approves most British television advertising, backed LeoVegas, showing that Chris Rock had an insignificant following from British under-18s (1,075) across his social media accounts.

The ASA carefully evaluated the case and Rock’s roles in movies targeting children. The authority concluded that his roles in recent children-oriented movies, such as Paw Patrol, and were too insignificant. The ASA also agreed that his roles in older movies, such as Madagascar, are no longer relevant enough to make him appeal to younger audiences.

As a result, the ASA agreed that the ad did not appeal to children and dropped the case.

However, the ASA upheld its position about another LeoVegas-related ad, which promoted its BetUK sports betting brand. The ad was aired on the radio and included Adebayo Akinfenwa, a soccer player who retired in 2022.

Despite LeoVegas’ insistence that the ad did not appeal to minors, the ASA pointed out that the player has a significant underage social media following.


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