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Arizona Department of Gaming Releases June Report, Betting Handle Drops 31%

The Arizona Department of Gaming has released its June monthly report, which states that the total sports betting handle was $318.7 million in the said month. The number represents a massive 31% drop from the $461.4 million handle in May. 

Arizona Was Ranked 6th Nationally in Handle and a Majority of Bets Were Made Online

According to the report, $315.9 million of the total handle came via mobile bets. Additionally, Arizona ranked 6th nationally in total handle. 

Payouts were decent in the month as the total winnings by players reached $306.2 million. Mobile winnings reached $303.3 million, whereas retail winnings were $2.9 million. 

FanDuel, which is set to launch its own sports TV network, was the biggest winner in June. Its retail handle was $2.3 million and its mobile handle reached $103.9 million. Caesars (American Wagering) had a $331,583 retail handle and its mobile sports betting handle reached $59.7 million. 

DraftKings/Crown Gaming’s mobile revenue reached $92.8 million, followed by BetMGM ($59.7 million) and Penn Sports (Barstool Sports), whose mobile revenue was $9.3 million. Rush Street Interactive’s mobile handle was $3 million SBOpco, LLC (SuperBook) had a $2.7 million mobile sports betting handle. 

The top 5 operators in terms of payouts were FanDuel ($96.4 million), DraftKings/Crown Gaming ($96 million), BetMGM ($54.3 million), Caesars (American Wagering) ($32.2 million), and Penn Sports (Barstool Sports) ($8.5 million). 

Ted Vogt, the director of ADG, stated that even though June was relatively slow, Arizona’s numbers were still strong on a national level. He noted that the operators contributed more than $750,000 in privilege fees. According to Vogt, the total amount of privilege fees since the start of legal sports betting operations in the state reached almost $17 million. 

Arizona’s FY2022 Resulted in $2.7 Billion in Gross Gaming Revenue

Recently, ADG also released its FY2022 report. During the period between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, the total GGR reached $2,709,320,418. Aggregate revenue (tribal contributions) that were deposited in the Arizona Benefits Fund reached $123,645,398 (interest thereon included). 

The annual report shared details as to how the money will be distributed. The Arizona Benefits Fund received 88% of the total annual contribution of each gaming tribe. The ADG will use 9% of $8 million (whichever number is greater) for “reimbursement of administrative and regulatory expenses.”

Then, 2% of the contributions will be used to fund programs related to gambling harm treatment and education. 

The rest of the money will be distributed in the following way – 56% of the money will be deposited in the Instructional Improvement Fund. The Trauma and Emergency Services Fund will receive 28% of the money and the Arizona Wildlife Conservation Fund will receive 8% of the money. 

Finally, the e Tourism Fund Account will receive an additional 8% of the money. The report states that the ADG will distribute the money on a quarterly basis. 

The remaining 12% that is not deposited to the Arizona Benefits Fund will be contributed to cities, towns, and counties.

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