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Allwyn Closes Camelot LS Group Acquisition

The agreement will allow Allwyn to make a foray into the United States, an important market for the company’s future

Allwyn, a leading multi-national lottery operator, has completed the acquisition of the Camelot Lottery Solutions Group. The deal was announced in December 2022 and highlights Allwyn’s ambition to foray into the US market.

With the deal now complete, Camelot LS Group and the companies it encompasses are now wholly owned subsidiaries of Allwyn. For reference, Camelot was previously owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board.

Allwyn noted that it has not planned any changes to the Camelot LS Group leadership as of now. According to the former company’s statement, Camelot LS Group will continue to enhance the performance of the lotteries it supports.

Camelot LS Group is based in Chicago and will provide Allwyn with access to the US gambling market – a market that Robert Chvátal, chief executive of Allwyn and Camelot UK, has always viewed as an important part of his company’s future.

The acquisition will further reinforce Allwyn, which is focused on building better lotteries that focus on innovation, technology, efficiency and safety. The company always seeks to return as much money as possible to good causes, while providing players with engaging and safe experiences.

Allwyn Has Been Steadily Consolidating Its Power

The current announcement comes a month and a half after Allwyn’s acquisition of Camelot was greenlit by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, allowing the former company to proceed with the deal.

Allwyn’s lottery-first approach has cemented it as a leading brand in many European countries, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy. Thanks to its efforts in pushing the limits of what lotteries can be, Allwyn successfully secured the license to operate the United Kingdom’s National Lottery.

Unfortunately, Camelot, the incumbent National Lottery operator, was not happy with the UKGC’s decision and tried to dispute it. The lottery company took matters to court, preventing the regulator from awarding the license to Allwyn.

The clash between Allwyn and Camelot lasted for a few months before the latter company gave up and canceled its challenge. This allowed the UKGC to officially hand the Fourth National Lottery License to Allwyn, cementing the Czech company as Camelot’s successor.

However, Allwyn was not keen on waiting until Camelot’s tenure is over. Instead, the lottery giant announced its decision to acquire Camelot and be in charge of the National Lottery right away. The deal was eventually greenlit by the UKGC, securing Allwyn’s reinforced presence in the UK.


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