September 20, 2023 2 min read


ACMA Remains Vigilant, Blocking Five More Offshore Gambling Websites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has requested Australian internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to these illegal sites

In its latest action, ACMA has identified five offshore gambling websites – Viperspin, Just Casino, Betandplay, Play Fina, and Comic Play Casino – operating in breach of Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act 2001. The authority has been steadily intensifying its efforts, hoping to curb illegal offshore gambling activities within the country. 

ACMA Intensifies Its Efforts as Violations Remain Rampant

The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 is the cornerstone of Australia’s regulatory framework for online gambling. This legislation aims to protect Australian consumers by ensuring that only licensed operators can offer gambling services within the country. The Act also prohibits unlicensed overseas providers from targeting Australian players, directing them to more secure alternatives.

Australians who use illegal gambling services are not protected by Australian laws.

ACMA statement

215 illegal gambling services have ceased operating in the country since ACMA began enforcing its new stricter regulations. This latest round of blocking requests brings the total number of gambling and affiliate websites prohibited in Australia to 835. The frequency of bans has dramatically increased in 2023, with the ACMA adding new companies to the list almost monthly.

ACMA remains crucial in enforcing Australia’s gambling regulations, particularly online. The authority first identifies and investigates offshore operators operating illegally in the country. Once these companies are confirmed to be breaching local laws, ACMA takes legal action, including requesting ISPs to block access to their websites.

International Cooperation May Be the Only Long-Term Solution

Website blocking is an extreme measure, usually reserved for illegal operators. The ACMA also actively oversees the regulated market, delivering milder punishments for offenses like licensing issues, advertising violations, or offering prohibited services. The authority treats all operators equally and is unafraid to go after even high-profile companies.

Despite the ACMA’s ceaseless efforts, the Australian market remains beset with offshore operators. The authority recently asked for help from the Curaçao government, as Curaçao-based online gambling companies remain a pressing problem in Australia. These operators have demonstrated no intention to exit the local market willingly and routinely attempt to circumvent restrictions, necessitating international cooperation.

The authority’s proactive approach to identifying and banning illegal operators reflects its commitment to safeguarding Australian consumers. However, legislative issues related to offshore enforcement mean the ACMA can only take limited measures, enacting local bans by ISPs while the offending companies continue running rampant. Despite these challenges, the authority’s ongoing efforts remain instrumental in shaping Australia’s gambling landscape.

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