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Lucky Harry Reid International Airport Visitor Earns $650,000 Playing Slots

Brittany is not the first Harry Reid International Airport visitor to try out the airport’s slot machines and emerge richer

A lucky Texan woman has turned an airport gambling session into a $643,434.31 payday. Referred to as Brittany by the airport’s official X account, the woman will now return to her state richer than before.

Brittany was visiting Nevada when she tried to test her luck by playing a slot by the Las Vegas terminal’s A Gates. She quickly realized that it was her lucky day as she hit a huge jackpot.

Harry Reid International Airport published a photo of the lucky woman, which shows her standing next to the machine. In addition to showing the sum Brittany won, the photo also makes it clear that the slot she was playing was the Wheel of Fortune game manufactured by International Game Technology (IGT).

Even if the airport interviewed the woman about her plans for the money, no information was disclosed on X.

Brittany Is Not the Only Harry Reid International Airport Visitor to Hit a Jackpot

Brittany is not the first Harry Reid International Airport visitor to try out the airport’s slot machines and emerge richer. This year alone saw two other players win jackpots of over a million dollars.

The first of the two jackpots was hit in late June when an unidentified player won a whopping $1.3 million. The lucky gambler was also playing one of IGT’s slot machines available at the airport.

Tweeting news about the jackpot, the airport said: “That’s one way to end a vacation — as a MILLIONAIRE.”

Less than a month later, another player at the airport won $1.2 million. The player also opted to remain anonymous.

The success is not only for the players as the operator behind the airport’s slot machines, Airport Slot Concession, continues to enjoy a lot of success. The operator’s 2022 revenue, for example, exceeded the billion-dollar milestone. In the meantime, the Harry Reid International Airport itself earned over $34 million in revenue from the machines.

IGT continues to change the lives of gamblers across North America and beyond. In August alone, the company’s Megabucks and Powerbucks slot machines delivered three life-changing jackpots to three lucky customers in the region.

On August 8, a Las Vegas player spun the reels of Megabucks Gold Forge to earn a monumental jackpot of $10,159,321. On August 16, a customer in California hit a $3,278,372 jackpot while playing Megabucks Mega Vault. Finally, on August 26, a Powerbucks Arctic Gems player in British Columbia, Canada, earned a jackpot of CAD 1,462,837.


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