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GamblingIQ Analyzes How Digital ID and AI Vendors Can Change the Industry

The report suggests that operators can turn to Digital Identity and AI tech vendors to solve many of the challenges presented by the ongoing gambling reforms

GamblingIQ, a gambling industry intelligence specialist that seeks to set new standards, has published a new report. Called “A Responsible Revolution: Unlocking Effective Digital Identity & AI Technology to Prevent Financial Risk, Underage, and Problem Gambling,” the publication explores how artificial intelligence and digital ID can change the sector and help it follow the measures in the white paper.

Featuring an analysis of the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 2005 Gambling Act reform white paper, the report highlights the multiple opportunities for Digital Identity and AI companies.

The white paper was published earlier this year, outlining a set of objectives that the British gambling industry should follow. After a long period of delays the paper provided a clear picture of where gambling in the UK is headed.

GamblingIQ’s report suggests that gambling companies can turn to Digital Identity and AI tech vendors to solve many of the challenges presented by the ongoing gambling reforms.

GamblingIQ Explores the Leaders in the Digital ID Sector

The full 25,000-word report is available for purchase on GamblingIQ’s official website. It highlights the best suppliers of digital identification technology, naming Persona, Signzy and Yoti as some of the best picks for gambling companies in the crowded identity proofing market.

Readers can also learn what the major trends in the ID verification market are and how data security helps companies prevent fraud. The report also addresses cybercrime and the growing dangers it poses to the digital industry as a whole.

In addition to that, readers can also learn about the latest developments in the identification and face biometrics technology offered by some of the most reliable and government-certified providers on the market. GamblingIQ analyzes the available technologies and provides a comprehensive analysis of their ability to help gambling companies.

Such tech can help operators reliably verify the ages of their customers, preventing underage gambling. GamblingIQ believes that legislative changes should require operators to employ third-party certified digital providers to automatically check the ages of all of their customers.

Prior to the release of its current research, GamblingIQ also explored other hot topics, such as the links between social gambling and gambling addiction and the revolution in payment engine technology.


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