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2Mee CEO James Riley: “We Break Barriers to Build Emotional Connection and Market Products Responsibly”

Creating a more immersive experience is all part of iGaming and sports wagering operators’ broader ambitions. To achieve that, they need to deploy the right technological solutions. 2mee, a hologram messaging platform, is confident that operators stand to benefit by leveraging its unique approach to marketing, customer support, and interaction. Creating a bond between the business and customer translates into better engagement and retention, and 2mee could be an important future driver of these metrics for operators. In fact, it’s already happening.

Can you tell us about 2mee and what your platform does for iGaming operators specifically?

2mee has been developed to allow iGaming operators to facilitate face-to-face communication with their players. Our simple yet powerful platform lets them capture and transmit real people as messages, fostering an emotional connection. This human touch and the empathy it creates deliver unprecedented engagement.

This could be in the form of using a brand ambassador to record and send messages around a new promotion or game launch, or it could be a customer service agent touching base with an individual player to check that they are remaining in control of their play. The opportunities are endless.

Operators can also use it to strengthen their relationship with affiliate partners, and instead of pushing outdated banners on their sites and pages, launch hologram messages instead. We have recently run a campaign just like this with BetVictor, Skybet, and RacingTV, and the click-through rates have frankly been off the charts: Across multiple campaigns, there has been an average click-through rate (CTR) of 28%.

Have you seen positive response from consumers and businesses or are people still a little on edge about holograms?

The feedback from the iGaming operators that we work with has been overwhelmingly positive to date. And why wouldn’t it be – the campaigns they are launching via the 2mee platform are delivering unprecedented engagement and conversion rates. Human hologram messages are really about generating an emotional connection and using that connection to market products and experiences authentically and responsibly. This can be a challenge for iGaming operators, but one that 2mee helps them to overcome.

For example, we recently launched a campaign with Heart Bingo which used brand ambassador Olly Murs to deliver a series of hologram messages to players. This resulted in a 37% increase in click-through rates and a 27% increase in customer account long-ins.  

Are there any technological challenges to implementing your solutions or are you at the point where you only need to continue fine-tuning?

The 2mee platform is proven and is extremely easy to integrate into existing workflows. It has been built in partnership with engineers at IBM and has a very simple and intuitive interface. To create a message, simply record the person delivering the communication via the smartphone in their pocket and from any setting. The 2mee algorithms recognize the human form and cut out surrounding clutter. The message can then be sent instantaneously to audience segments or on-demand, all controlled from our platform with detailed reporting and analysis in real-time.

In addition to hologram messages, the platform also sends ‘standard’ text and rich media messaging so if there is a wish to create a cost-saving there is no need to duel platform. It also integrates seamlessly with CRM systems and to any website or app via a simple SDK installation.

Do you fear the competition in this sector or you are confident the 2mee product will still blaze trails no matter who enters the space?

2mee has a deep DNA in creating messaging technologies that break down the current digital barriers and allow us all to communicate on a human level. Our ideals and our mission will not change, and we have a very exciting vision and roadmap that will only enhance how we engage empathetically. There are currently no competitors in the sectors we operate in, and our job is to ensure our patented technology stays ahead of the game.

Can you imagine holograms implemented in the customer journey besides customer support?

Human holograms can be used at all touchpoints across the customer journey, from acquisition to retention, to payments, customer support and safe gaming. Anywhere along the way that an operator might wish to communicate with the player, a human hologram message can be used to create an authentic connection and drive huge levels of empathy between brand and player. There really is no limit to how operators can use 2mee to unlock the power of hologram messages and face-to-face communication.


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