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Zeal Ventures Invests in Soccer Sweepstakes App Circl

Circl is happy to be backed by Zeal Ventures and called this an important step toward becoming an international business

Zeal Ventures, one of the biggest investors in the lottery space, has provided the British studio startup Circl Gaming with an investment. While the size of the investment wasn’t disclosed by the two companies, it marks the start of a friendly partnership between the two parties.

As announced, Zeal Ventures will leverage its market experience to provide its new ally with counsel on all the important aspects of the gaming markets. The investor will tip Circl Gaming on regulatory matters, business strategy, marketing and optimization.

Zeal trusts Circl Gaming’s vision for a social betting experience, as attested by Dirk Reiche, Zeal Ventures’ investment director, who lauded Circl as a true visionary. Reiche noted that the gaming industry is now moving faster than ever and has produced a number of innovators like Circl.

According to the director, it is important to nurture such companies and augment the gaming market. Because of that, he is looking forward to working with Circl and advising the company on how to improve and diversify the gaming and entertainment space.

Circl Is Happy to Have Zeal’s Backing

Circl Gaming’s chief technology officer, Mark Quinn, also commented on the partnership with Zeal Ventures, calling it “a huge step forward” toward his team’s ambition to become an international company.

Quinn emphasized that the founders of Circl are thrilled to join forces with Zeal, a company that has extensive experience in the lottery and gaming sectors. The CTO added that this expertise would be invaluable to his team as Circl continues to roll out new products.

The support they will bring is not just financial, it will help with every pillar of our business.

Mark Quinn, CTO, Circl Gaming

Circl develops socially-charged gaming experiences. According to its description, it offers a live-action sports game, for its customers and their mates. It allows English Premier League aficionados to test their predictive ability while challenging their friends.

Circl players can give predict the outcomes of micro-events during Premier League games. The best Circl players can win exciting cash prizes and prove that they are the most knowledgeable soccer fans to their friends.

At first, Circl was a game meant to be enjoyed by small circles of friends (thus its name). However, now Circl offers exciting multiplayer experiences where people can play against other sports fans in the United Kingdom.


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