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OpenBet Enjoys Strong Performance during the Super Bowl

The leading provider of sports content, services and technology, OpenBet, celebrated record results during this year's Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVII met the Kansas City Chiefs with the Philadelphia Eagles. As one of the most anticipated American football events, the interest in the Super Bowl and wagering on the competition was immense. Luckily, OpenBet’s leading platform delivered strong performance and brought seamless sports betting experiences for bettors and sports fans alike. During the Super Bowl LVII weekend, OpenBet processed more than 13.6 million bets. The wagers for the game which saw the Kansas City Chiefs win against the Philadelphia Eagles surpassed $295 million.

Offering its services for some of the most popular sportsbooks in the world, OpenBet reported a significant increase of 145% in the total wagers and bets this year, when compared to the Super Bowl in 2022. Moreover, the company reported a peak of 65,000 bets placed per minute, reaffirming the supremacy and scalability of its technology.

This record-breaking performance was driven by OpenBet’s robust platform capabilities, strong content offering including 800+ markets, as well as the increase in legalized markets in operation enabling players to place bets in a safe environment.

reads a statement released by OpenBet

The company unveiled additional details regarding its stellar performance during the latest Super Bowl, explaining that the average same-game parlay wager was $20. OpenBet reported that 95% of the Super Bowl bets were placed by bettors within the US. This result comes as no surprise, considering that more states are legalizing the activity and by now, more than 30 states offer some form of legal wagering on sports.

OpenBet explained that 12% of all bets were placed in-game. When compared to the 8% result from 2022, this marked an increase in the popularity of in-play wagering.

According to the company, same-game parlays that are powered by its innovative BetBuilder technology also soared. The company explained BetBuilder accounted for 27% of all placed wagers. The result, OpenBet said, reaffirmed the appeal of this unique product to the US audiences. Betting requests via BetBuilder hit a peak of 70,000 per minute, added the company.

The stellar performance of OpenBet is the result of an increase in the number of legalized markets for players. At the same time, the company acknowledged that it was able to achieve this record-breaking performance thanks to a boost from its leading content offering and strong platform capabilities.


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