December 6, 2022 2 min read


YouTuber Callux Misses £11,000 Payout on World Cup Game

A YouTuber from the United Kingdom had a close encounter with an £11,000 parlay which was missed by a sliver. The YouTuber, real name of Callum Aaron McGinley, had placed a £106 that could have yielded a massive payday had it not been for Hugo Lloris, France’s goalkeeper at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar who let Adam Lewandowski, the Polish attacker, score for a total score of 3-1.

Callux Gets the Scores Right – Well, Almost

Callux had backed both France and England to win their knockout games 3-0, and he nearly succeeded to win the massive +9800 parlay wager had it not been for Lewandowski’s performance in the 99’. Lewandowski got a closing game penalty which resulted in a score and therefore dashed Callux’s hopes of success. Had it not been for the 9’ extension though, he would have been right.

Even then, Callux almost had it with Hugo Lloris saving the penalty but the referee ruled that the goalkeeper had come off his lane before the ball had been struck, meaning that Poland got a chance to retake the penalty. Callux’s fans were of course amused by the situation and the unlikely turn of events that is impossible to replicate if one was to try and predict it over a proposition bet or another parlay, even.

Some fans of course laughed at his loss, but others cheered at his right call and successfully predicted the outcome of both games – more or less. Some, though, have been worried about the amounts the YouTuber was placing down. One follower advised Callux to stop gambling, bets of £100 and more were not a good sign.

Speaking of sizable wagers, though, there have been many popular personalities who have been spending a lot. Mattress Mack, a furniture store owner, has been placing seven-figure digits for the sake of marketing for years now. Drake, a rapper, recently lost $430,000 to a UFC fight.


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