December 21, 2023 3 min read


Yolo Investments Unveils New €100 Million Fund Targeting Emerging Technologies

The company aims to build on its previous success and strengthen its position in a rapidly evolving market

Yolo Investments, a leading investment firm specializing in gaming, blockchain, fintech, and emerging technologies, has officially launched its latest flagship investment fund, Yolo Fund II LP. This fund aims to raise a capital of €100 million and should bolster the company’s expansive portfolio in cutting-edge industries, aligning with its long-term goals.

The Funding Will Maintain Yolo’s Impressive Momentum

Yolo Fund II LP, licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), will initiate its journey with an initial raise of €50 million, with an additional €50 million committed by Yolo Investments GPs, specifically dedicated to investing in global gaming, fintech, and blockchain-related assets, building on the company’s prior experience.

Tim Heath, Yolo Investments founder, and GP, expressed his sentiments regarding this significant milestone and shared an insightful overview of the company’s achievements throughout the year. Reflecting on the progressive strides made within the crypto, gaming, and AI industries, he pointed to the burgeoning gaming industry, asserting its pivotal role as a gateway to the potential of web3- an evolving realm holding promising prospects.

The Company Has a Keen Eye for Promising Innovations

Yolo Investments is the venture capital business of the Yolo Group, a ground-breaking innovator and the operator behind leading iGaming websites Sportsbet and Bitcasino. The company has demonstrated how crypto technologies can be embedded into the traditional online casino experience safely and reliably, regularly partnering with other players in this space.

We were then thrilled to announce that Yolo Group climbed to 5th position on Estonia’s most valuable tech companies top 30 list for 2023.

Tim Heath, Yolo Investments founder and GP

Notably, Yolo Investments diversified its presence within the sports realm, announcing a multi-year partnership with Newcastle United Football Club. The collaboration aimed to establish a global connection with fans, marking a significant stride in the company’s trajectory. Although a departure from its traditional iGaming niche, it highlighted the broad applicability of its underlying technology.

A recent investment in automation and personalization provider BETEGY demonstrated Yolo’s ability to recognize promising new technologies, providing startups the means to pursue their vision. The organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability was evident through its support for Greenbit.Energy, offering an innovative solution to the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining through renewable energy sources. 

I remain excited to be a part of a group and industry laying the groundwork for a new digital economy.

Tim Heath, Yolo Investments founder and GP

Amidst this vibrant year, Yolo Investments also launched its Learn Crypto educational initiative, designed to provide accessible and engaging resources for crypto literacy- a crucial aspect in an increasingly decentralized financial landscape. As the year unfolds, Tim Heath remains optimistic about the evolution of the digital economy, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and agility in an ever-changing world.

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