YGAM Extends Strong Support for Armed Forces Covenant

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) have signed the Armed Forces Covenant to its list of partners. As a result, YGAM is doubling down on its continued support for the Armed Force community, the organization said in a press statement. The Armed Forces Covenant focuses on assisting armed forces community to access governmental and commercial services.

Armed Forces Covenant Finds Trusted Partner in YGAM

YGAM has been one of the staunchest supporters of the Armed Forces and worked on various policies that directly impact reservists and members of the military, providing them with everything necessary to maintain good physical and mental health. YGAM is also a recipient of the Defense Employer Recognition Scheme award, which is granted for contributions to the armed forces community.

YGAM chief executive Dr Jane Rigbye welcomed the opportunity to extend the organization’s support for the Armed Forces Covenant and said that she and the team behind the organization were proud to be part of this meaningful partnership:

This is a natural progression for us as an organization that cares about its social impact, the lives of people in the UK and our team members.

YGAM chief executive Dr Jane Rigbye

Military personnel is at particular risk of developing gambling-related issues, a study published in September 2021 found. Veterans are in fact ten times more likely to develop gambling-related conditions that negatively impact their lives after serving in the military. YGAM has been particularly active in helping prevent gambling-related harm.

While the organization has maintained its focus on educating and protecting young people from the harms of gambling, it has also continually increased its reach to work with other groups of people, including the armed forces, who are likely to develop mental health issues that could push them into reckless and excessive gambling habits.

YGAM Works to Help Protect Vulnerable Individuals Against Mental Health Issues

YGAM has remained a staunch supporter of tackling problem gambling. The organization recently appointed five new members of the board to strengthen its understanding and capabilities in solving gambling-related issues. Since the beginning of the year, YGAM has also worked on a number of programs designed to improve responsible gambling for various operators and the general public.

Just this week, YGAM joined an effort led by GamCare and Fast Forward to create a Gambling Education Framework that is focused on equipping young people with the skills they need to not fall victim to harmful gambling and be able to see and intervene in cases when it affects others. The program is much more encompassing, and all participants are confident that the resulting Framework can be used as a meaningful guideline and applied to multiple educational settings.

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